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This is the meme evolution meme. Copy this text, change it however you like, and repost it in your own journal. Remember to post a link to your version here as a reply to the person whose text you altered, so we can see how it evolves!
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Apr. 29th, 2009 07:50 pm
Colin Lane hasn't even started yet, and I already want never to see him on the show again.

In other news, SQUEE! TGYH!
Of my 5200 mp3s, I've so far retagged and relocated, um, 812 of them. There are two reasons for this.

The first involves the moderately-complicated tangle of software that I'm using to do it. Currently, this sprawling mess of programs is:
  • MusicBrainz Picard, which is painful and bothersome. This would stop me using it, if it weren't for all the alternatives being useless. MediaMonkey, for example, tries to look up metadata from Amazon, which is like asking Guy Fawkes for renovation advice.
  • MediaMonkey, which is surprisingly useful for relocating files and managing a directory structure. This is rather more like asking Guy Fawkes to store barrels in a cellar for you.
  • MP3Gain, which is helpful for normalising the volumes on mp3s, but takes a while, even if you tell it to pretend it's a real-time process. This is like asking Guy Fawkes to make the kaboom appropriately earth-shattering.
  • Windows Media Player, which seems to make my Zen happier to play network shares. This is like asking Sir William Stanley and Thomas Winter to recruit Guy Fawkes.
  • Half a dozen potential candidates for use in synching tracks to my Zen with minimal human intervention. This is like asking one's minions to start upon Guy Fawkes, beginning with the 'gentler tortours'.
This, however, seems to be going fairly well. Of those 812 retagged, renormalised, relocated and rescanned mp3s, all of them now live among the 1428 mp3s in my retagged, renormalised, relocated and rescanned music library.

(The others are all new.)

The second is that my old mp3s with the damaged metadata are losing their places in the queue to new musical upstarts. Apparently, it slows down progress on an mp3 maintenance project when you start treating recommendations like pokémon*. Who knew?

* I have no Powder Treason comparison for this. It seems there are limits to how far a simile can stretch.
So! The Australian Government has secured quarantine powers that they're not currently planning to use. Sample powers include distribution of bottled water, shutting down hospitals, closing land borders and burning bodies surveillance of infected people and quarantine of boats and aeroplanes.

(This is what happens when you start buying symptoms too early.)

Madagascar, on the other hand, has taken the precaution of SHUTTING. DOWN. EVERYTHING.

Also, there is absolutely no truth to the rumour that doctors in the United States are practicing drawing stars in the air to slow down time. (Some want a health bonus for every correctly-performed technique.)
Dear Bioware,

Why is it that, on planets with hostile environments that will melt armour in under a minute, Getherton G. MacGeth of Gethsville, Gethland, is completely untroubled by the temperature?1

Similarly, the agents of the evil corporation's supersecret research department don't seem to freeze to death waiting to defend the supersecret science facility, and the sudden unexpected space pirates appear not to need helmets on a planet with no atmosphere.

Slightly puzzled,
[ profile] active_apathy,
Refrigerational logician2

And now, because I have again attacked with the prompt 'cinnamon', a meme from [ profile] maggiebloome:

The first TEN (10)3 people4 to comment in this post get to request a drabble or a poem or something of any pairing/character/misc of their choosing5 from me6. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

  1. I am assuming that this is not, in fact, another part of the Checkhov's Gun Arsenal that is the rest of the game. It's almost like they really, really want to join Checkhov's NRA.
  2. There needs to be a name for linking people to tvtropes. Troperolling, perhaps? Except that the trope link tends to be entirely relevant, as are the next seventy-four tabs that you will open.
  3. Not necessarily limited to TEN (10).
  4. Necessarily limited to people.
  5. Choosing things I know something about may yield better results.
  6. I shall endeavour to be less flakesome this time.
I have about 5200 mp3s with metadata in various shades of atrocious, doubly so once iTunes got hold of it, scattered across some eighteen different locations. As I will soon be free from the metadata-devouring tyranny of iTunes (and would very much like my mp3s to be properly tagged and gathered together in one orderly location), this presents an opportunity to start using some better software for managing my music collection.

So! Flist! What software do you use (or would you suggest) for retagging and reorganising thousands of mp3s?
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It exists!

Apr. 17th, 2009 10:44 pm
Hooray! Steve Coogan singing on Australian TV using words from a book about... I think it was crime prevention? Anyway. Song! ...sort of.

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Turn Coat

Apr. 17th, 2009 06:11 pm

I knew enough from not-quite-spoilery Internet comments, and having seen fiction before, ever, to know that it was going to happen. And then I still did not see it coming.
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See icon.

Apr. 16th, 2009 02:21 am
There are no prizes for guessing what show I've just started watching. :D
The demand: is that someone needs to put Steve Coogan playing Substitute on Spicks & Specks on the Interwebs, right. now. Many of you will know exactly why this is: I ask that you do not tell those who do not yet know.

The meme: is a book meme, stollened from [ profile] laurenmitchell.

  1. The worst reading experience that you have ever had?

    I simply could not read The Catcher in the Rye. This is not an uncommon response to it, of course, but it was just- gah. It was enough to make me turn a new, pristine, freshly-delivered copy, from the new set that we and we alone were entrusted with before any of the troglodytes in the lesser English classes, that didn't even have names and student numbers recorded for them, as a case study in projectile motion.

    I could not bring myself to read the book, or even to read summaries, and instead blagged my way through with some tripe about context, intertextuality and rubric. To this day, I am convinced that the syllabus awarded marks based solely on the presence of words such as 'context', 'intertextuality' and 'rubric'.

    For that matter, I am also convinced that those responsible for said marking have no idea what 'rubric' even means, but knew it made me sound smarter than them. So there we have it: you can pass exams by making the markers feel just a little bit dumb.

  2. This goes on for some time. )
And there we have it. I now return you to your regularly scheduled friends list.
Tradition has it that today (please adjust for local time) is the anniversary of the second-last episode of Jesus, season 1. (They keep saying there'll be Jesus, season 2, but no-one knows the hour or the day on which the universe's executive producer will announce the renewal. There are, however, rumours that the've decided to keep the second season on hold until Fred Phelps and Anne Rice have left the writing team.)

Sensitive Christian types may wish to just keep scrolling. )
iPolyhymnia is unwell; my 4GB 2nd-generation iPod Nano is having problems holding a charge, and can hold approximately one-eighth of my digital music collection. Consequently, I am planning to buy a new MP3 player.

I'm considering a 16GB 4th-generation iPod Nano 32GB Creative Zen X-Fi, but I am aware that there may be better options. Size (around a happy sort of credit-card gum-packet smaller-than-medium), storage space and battery life are my main concerns, and I have no particular need for PDA features - I like to keep my gadgets somewhat specialised, and may consider buying some kind of smartphone at a later date. So, the new!Nano seems appropriate for my purposes.

[Poll #1380664]

Remember, the future is in... well, my hands, actually. Or, at least, this particular part of the future; it's not like I can say "ADVISE ME WELL, OR DISASTER MAY OR MAY NOT BEFALL YOU AND YOURS! (IT WON'T, BECAUSE THAT WOULD PROBABLY MAKE YOU SAD, BUT ADVISE ME WELL ANYWAY)" with any meaningful menace, even if I didn't care that meaningful menace had a significant yet non-certain risk of making you sad, which I do, so I wouldn't, in all probability.

Um. Yes. Precisely.

[Error: unknown template qotd]

"ZOMGWTFBBQLMNOP". Which would be more or less my reaction to having discovered a planet, because I do not typically engage in any activity that tends to result in discovering planets.

(Also, in this fantasy universe I would use my new-found fame to commission a space mission to deploy a "ZOMGWTFBBQLMNOP" sign on the planet, visible to anyone peering at images of it. This would have the added advantage of warding off alien invaders by showing them that Earthlings are insane.)
[Error: unknown template qotd]

Blackmail material sufficient to have new seasons of Firefly, The Dresden Files, Brimstone, and a host of other prematurely cancelled TV shows greenlit. Especially if I'm going to be jailed for life for it - some quality viewing will be essential.

(Alternatively, I shall edit the databases to show that I am, in fact, allowed to access the databases - I can has more wishez?)

Also, note that neither ASIO or ASIS made the list.
So far, I've come up with two answers to the question "what games, that I have, can I comfortably and effectively play with just one hand?" Those answers are Audiosurf and NetHack, and, well, NetHack has exciting moments where you're down to one charge on the wand of striking, all your arrows are cursed, alphabet soup is closing in from all sides and one hand just won't do.

Well, it would, but it would be less fun.

So, Audiosurf. Which leads me to Things I Knew I Would Regret Doing (...but then did anyway), #2156: playing In a Gadda da Vida on Audiosurf. It's a song that I'm somewhat fond of... and it's also a song that doesn't have solos, so much as sleep breaks scheduled for the other musicians. There is a drum solo where the track becomes nearly vertical and there are so few blocks that you could go and make a cup of coffee without missing anything. I have spent nearly a whole minute of my life waiting for pick scraping to provide some small measure of excitement. If I knew 20 minutes ago what I know now...


I'd probably still do it, actually. There's a certain value to being pro champion of a song that very few other people have the incredible poor judgement to play.

(Plus, it gives you time to draft an LJ entry in your head. And revise it five times!)
Gravity: Approx. 10m·s-2
Broken limbs: Never good.
Hospital stays: Moderately unpleasant.

So, yes. My arm was recently gravitationally discombobulated. It has since been somewhat mended, and is now healing. That is all.
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Mar. 22nd, 2009 07:56 pm
I recently bought Guitar Hero World Tour, which means that I've spent altogether too much time over the last few days flailing about with a toy guitar.

Picture our scene thus: our Guitar Heroine is playing the gig with the Lacuna Coil song Our Truth in it, and is perched on a small footstool in the middle of the room. And doing well, too - I've neither missed nor invented a note so far, and I'm about two-thirds of the way through the song.

And then my thigh starts to itch, posing a dilemma: full combo, or maddening itch? Thinking I could choose neither, I cuddled my toy guitar close and started playing Guitar Pretzel as I brought my other foot up to scratch.

Which worked just fine... until I tried to put my foot back on the floor, overbalanced, and fell over with a Most Undignified squeak.

So there I am, itch-free, horizontal on the carpet, still playing, and now discovering that I've fallen over in such a way that my toy guitar is now upright and has set off star power. I'm not sure this is a recommended way of doing it, but who am I to argue with bonus points for falling over? And better yet, while horizontally flailing and trying not to laugh at the absurdity of the situation, I still somehow managed to get the full combo.

So there we have it: falling over can, on occasion, make you awesome.

(Also, I has a Dollhouse icon. I suspect I may now be ejected from the Internets for actually liking it.

Plus, point of interest: Firefly, The X-Files, BSG, Burn Notice, Leverage, NCIS, Dollhouse - is there anything Mark Sheppard isn't in?!)
Wow. Um. I'm kind of incoherent at the moment, so I shall do this as a poll.

Tick all the tickyboxes that apply to your experience of the final episode.

[Poll #1369259]

The comments may contain spoilers.
My shower seems to be experiencing some positional dysfunction. Occasionally, with no human intervention, the arm holding up the shower head will suddenly decide that it doesn't like heights anymore and will fall down.

This situation is especially problematic as I'm not particularly short; Allison Janney, for example, is about an inch shorter than me. The shower head needs to be fairly high so that I can wash myself without hitting my head on it. If I'm lucky, the falling shower head stops at about shoulder level. If I'm particularly unlucky, it turns itself into a sudden unexpected standing bidet.

There is a thingy that could, under normal circumstances, be tightened to prevent this. As I am somewhat immune to this phenomenon of 'normal circumstances', the aforementioned thingy can be tightened no further.

As is often the case, minor fail: I has it.
It is best to remember that one has sustained papercuts before deciding to make food using fresh chilli.

(On the other hand, it could be worse.)


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