Tradition has it that today (please adjust for local time) is the anniversary of the second-last episode of Jesus, season 1. (They keep saying there'll be Jesus, season 2, but no-one knows the hour or the day on which the universe's executive producer will announce the renewal. There are, however, rumours that the've decided to keep the second season on hold until Fred Phelps and Anne Rice have left the writing team.)

In this episode, Jesus confronts his team about how he'll be betrayed (the camera settles foreshadowingly on Judas), and how they'll each turn away from him. Following this, there's a fight scene in a garden, and Judas kisses Jesus. (Fanservice for the Iscariot/Christ shippers? Perhaps. He could've just pointed.) Jesus is arrested, and says nothing throughout a brief interrogation scene. Following this, the Roman governor is forced to order the execution lest there be a riot, which fades into the carrying of the cross and the crucifixion itself, with Jesus' emo rant at God played over the top.

The episode does have its problems - Judas' suicide, for example, feels rushed, and removes any possibility of an arc where he deals with the results of his actions. Pilate - we have to get his name from the credits - could be developed more, instead of being the one-dimensional Roman governor who doesn't want to kill the self-insert character of the universe's executive producer.

In the final minutes of the episode, there's a montage of the apostles meeting Jesus for the first time, intercut with their denials of him. In the final scene, Jesus slumps down, hanging from nails that the viewer would almost believe were real. In an anachronistic departure from historical crucifixion procedure, the One True Cross has "PERGETVR" written on it by the Romans, informing the gathered crowd that the episode has a cliffhanger ending.

Will he escape? (No.) Will he survive? (Also unlikely.) Will he return as a zombie? Come back on Egg Day for the exciting finale of Jesus, season 1.
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