This one seemed like a far easier idea than it turned out to be, mostly for all the hats to be drawn. Still, I think it turned out reasonably well.
One does not simply walk into Seven's studios. The desk of gibberish is guarded by more than just Anna Coren. There are lawyers there who never sleep, and Peter Meakin is ever watchful.

In other news, today's exciting discovery was a shop that stocks plush dinosaurs.

If, at this moment, you're asking the question I think you are - and look at the entry tag if you're not sure - then yes, Tyrannosaurus Plush's is an evil laugh.
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So, icon.

Aug. 31st, 2007 01:02 am
And it's pretty much as advertised. Hooray.
GAH! Evil. Eeevil. Evilevilevil. EVIL. Joss is EVIL.

Joss, and random LJ people with icons made out of the Fruity Oaty Bar ad, who post comments like this one RIGHT WHERE FLANS ARE BOUND TO SEE THEM.

And it's just one fairly obscure frame that you'd barely recognise (with the man who brought shame upon himself by not buying the Fruity Oaty Bars), except that it's from the Fruity Oaty Bar ad, and the BDM makes ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that when there's anything fruity and/or oaty, possibly in bar form, somewhere inside your head the song starts. And then, of course, there's nothing for it. You either share the Fruity Oaty Bar song with everyone you can, or you go insane and then share the Fruity Oaty Bar song.

Honestly, it's like they're the official gorram snackfood of Samara.

For those who are, in fact, immune to the Fruity Oaty Bar song, so much the better for you. For everyone else, um, sorry. You can find the ad in MP3 and AVI forms here, and if all else fails remember that the Fruity Oaty Bars are, in fact, NOT MANDATORY.
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The Cortex

Jun. 22nd, 2007 02:13 pm
The last post in [ profile] the_cortex offers as its very first link "Librarians will catalog the Serenity". Apart from the obvious problem of calling the ship 'the Serenity' (whereas you don't call their PR department 'the Jayne'), there's no actual catalogue record for Serenity to be found.

Clearly, this is a problem. So!

Serenity [realia]. - 03-K64 class. - [s.l.] : [s.n.], 2459. - 1 spaceship ; 8206 x 5182 x 2398 cm + 2 shuttles + 1 mule.
Includes infirmary, smuggling compartments.
Registry: 404-E-132-4FE274A.

...this madness was brought to you by fandom, Wikipedia, and AACR2.

In other news, I've now seen PotC3. Hooray. It was much as advertised - there was the expected blend of the Caribbean, pirates, lack of rum, rum, 'plosions, and swishy sword fights.

...and I just confused the 'tags' and 'current location' boxes. While my current location could be 'fandoms:firefly', it'd look kind of odd in the post metadata. Oops.
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Jan. 20th, 2007 01:25 am
So, hideously evil font makers aside, I now have a Heroes icon.

Which is, of course, a bit of a crossover with Firefly. Yay for audiovisual crack.
A note, before we begin. The second half of this episode is where newcomers to the series see all of why they love Joss, all over again. It makes my eyes go leaky more times than I can see well enough to count.

And now...

Image hosted by

Cut for five minutes' worth of length. )
Except it's mostly just more of me going on about my layout. And, in honour of today's IE issues, of my new icon.

Today's changes include the earlier issues with the taglist (it's now a hierarchical menu in Firefox), a narrower sidebar, a collapsed calendar brought into line with the colour scheme in the rest of the layout, and me remembering to mention the randomised icon in the sidebar to those of you who haven't seen it yet.

Also, there's a link in the link list for my icon post, which has now been updated to just before I made this icon. (Is nothing up to date in this journal?) No link here, I'm afraid, since there's a perfectly good one in the sidebar. Or you can find it via the taglist, I suppose.

I'll still love forever anyone who can tell me how to code in quickreply on the comments pages, too.

Another semi-plan is to add a randomised quotebox in the sidebar; the thing slowing it down is I have no idea what I'd put in there.

And, to finish off, a meme stolen from [ profile] princesslaurene (See? I can code LJtags!) and tweaked for no particular reason except that it seems like fun to do it this way and I'm amusingly not much for playing with other people's characters (though their worlds may well be fair game).

And what is this meme? I want you to give me a concept, phrase, word, sentence, quote, or object. A fandom is optional for the request, and optional for me to scribble about1.

Beyond that, the concept, phrase, word, sentence, quote or object must be somewhere included in what I write for you. For your part, you have no say in what you'll get back; needless to say, I'll probably try to squeeze something out of it that you mightn't have been expecting2.

And why am I doing this, you ask? For fun. To entertain my flist. For attention. Because most of you haven't seen much at all of how I write Stuff. Because I want a little bit of a break from prodding S2 code with a sharp mouse pointer. And I suppose that if you like it then you could always tell your friends to try, and get them to tell their friends, and watch my comments page explode.3

And now I'm off to bed. I'll see what you've come up with in the morning.

1This will probably depend most upon my familiarity with the fandom. Firefly, Old Kingdom and Keys to the Kingdom are almost definitely going to meet with a favourable response.
2No, I won't find a way to turn petunias into the Spanish Inquisition, no matter how little you would've been expecting it.
3Maybe one of them knows about coding in quickreply. That'd be shiny.4
4No, I don't miss an opportunity. Yes, my normal speech is slowly shifting closer to what you hear in Firefly. Yes, the second part of the Project is on its way. No, I made up the questions all by myself. No, I don't think the answers are that necessary. Yes, I thought it was fun to include them anyway.
Welcome all, to my Secret Project. It should be fairly self-explanatory; this is a series of five-minute summaries of Firefly episodes. For my own sanity, the pilot episode has been split into halves based upon the script, and its six acts.

The five-minute figure is based on the average of your reading speeds, and works out to a 2500 word limit per instalment. But! this bit isn't what interests you. I can Tell.

Image hosted by

cut for Secret Project )
First point of news: I got my Intarnets back yesterday!

And then promptly celebrated by vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, washing, dusting and ironing. Isn't my life fun.

Second point of news: I've finally managed to squish the pilot episode of Firefly onto VCDs so that my parental types can watch it. The other ones will fit all by themselves, but eighty minutes of episode takes a tiny bit more space than a VCD has to offer.

Third point of news: The ruby slippers, insured for a million US dollars, have been nicked in a daring high-tech raid involving...


breaking some glass, actually. All kinds of technology around for folk stealing things not theirs, and the one who nicks the magic shoes settles for, most likely, a halfbrick in a sock.

These particular slippers apparently belong to a man in Los Angeles, identified on the insurance policy as "Our Glorious Collector". Attempts to talk to him met with resistance from a haughty, arrogant skeleton in a lawn chair near the front of the house, presumably some kind of assistant to the Collector.


Fourth point of news: I have my internets back. I suppose that means that, in order to ensure the long-term viability of the world as we know it, I should really post something blatantly quotable. And make some icons. The icons especially. I have some Planned even now.

And that's about it for the moment.
Hello, everyone. This is a post.

[ profile] lesslikeyou and [ profile] daphyn especially, I'm not going to be IMing much until Monday. My brother is in town for about a week, something which I found out yesterday when my parental types decided he could stay here. Making him stay up until 4am so I can talk on the Intarnets would certainly be possible, but wouldn't be very nice.

[ profile] liadlaith especially, this same piece of news will delay the Secret Project some. My copy of XviD is broken anyway, which means I'll have to get a new one before I can do all the projecty-stuff.

Firefly fans: [ profile] daphyn, the Summer-fangirl-o'-doom, was right when she said that the Session 416 fanvid definitely contained Summer. The FAQ here points out that it's viral marketing for Serenity, it definitely contains Summer, Joss himself appears in the films, and Sean Maher's birthday is the sixteenth of April.

Non-Firefly fans: Why not? You must watch Firefly and then go to see Serenity,.

[ profile] daphyn: It arrived! Thankyou, thanks, and thanks again! The CDs are insanely excellent, and the Spiffy most definitely deserves its name. *e-squishes* for yoooouuu.
The episode was Objects in Space, which has some of my favourite lines. Just like every other episode. I'll be making a shiny new icon from it soon-ish, just to amuse myself.

I think I may have figured out what's wrong with comment notifications in Gmail. All mine are turning up just fine, but at semi-random times. I think some piece of shiny in the Google servers is aiming to misbehave. This is based on two of my mailing lists being a bit funny in their message delivery, and I find one problem at Google much easier to believe than one in LJ and another in Y! Groups.

Today, I bought myself a notepad a6 spiral-bound acid-free cartridge-paper sketchbook, which is my version of a notepad. I like the feel of the pages and the lack of lines, but I'm odd like that. This notebook is partly to keep the stuff I consider putting in LJ posts from slipping right out of my mind when I finally get near Deepest Sender.

I did more bookshopping today, but could find neither Wicked nor Arrows of the Queen. I shall have the bookshop order them in, in a few weeks' time. My purchases have been expanded, though, with The Princess Bride, Mort and Sourcery. My buying list is massively behind still, but I plan to work on it. Also! They forced convinced me to sign up for a free loyalty programme, which essentially works out to 5% store credit for every purchase, earnable and spendable anywhere in their chain and worth double-points until the end of August. So, I'll be ordering books and trying to pay for them in advance in about a month. I'm sneaky like that.

Lastly, people on buses are odd. I know some people have a slightly harsh or aggressive tone, like they're trying to force words out instead of just speaking, but this one woman on the bus had a manner of speaking that made it sound like she wanted to bludgeon each and every word with a cricket bat until it was no longer recognisable as the speech of a personable level-headed human. What was more surprising was this, said loudly enough that you could've taken notes in the middle of a busy street in Tokyo with a loud, rusty typewriter: "I never have a lot of luck with flatmates. They always seem to move out. (beat) [Name] is moving out now, too. Just when I got to know her. (Beat) She was always saying she never gets any space or privacy. It's my house, I can do what I want."

And that's how it is for 2:25am. I'll be back shortly with an icon, I think.
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Jul. 23rd, 2005 12:25 am
OMSqueeeeeeeeeee! [ profile] arib posted a link to the International Serenity Trailer, which has now exploded my internal organs in a fit of fangirl-ness! I cannot WAIT to see the trailer on a huge 16x9 screen, and I definitely cannot wait for the Big Damn Movie.

Also, I congratulate [ profile] djcati and [ profile] silmaril on their recent discovery of Firefly, which will be on TV here in about six minutes. This means that there'll be a real update soon-ish, but not right now.
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May. 22nd, 2005 04:54 pm
I was having a bit of a look at, and noticed they didn't have an Australian release date noted for the BDM. They did, however, have a link to the list in the IMDB.

cut for screencap )

Oh, and here's an icon inspired by this post in [ profile] metaquotes.
Image hosted by
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May. 16th, 2005 09:04 pm
For your viewing pleasure, I have some shiny new Firefly icons. They are as follows:

Mal and Zoƫ
1 icon )

Jayne and Vera
1 icon )

Blue Sun
1 icon )

1 icon )

3 icons )

2 icons )

2 icons )

1 icon )
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May. 14th, 2005 06:47 pm
I'm not sure this is entirely healthy - eleven episodes of Firefly over the last twenty-two hours. Nine hours out of the last twenty-two spent watching a TV show made by Joss Whedon*.

To put it in perspective, I doubt I'd do this with DVDs of Buffy (I'd probably watch Once More with Feeling pretty quickly, though). I can't believe that Fox decided to stop making it for poor ratings - what faith I was starting to have in Americans is starting to slip again (though, in all fairness, they swapped the episodes around which rather screwed the metaplot). With any luck, Serenity will get enough of an audience for Firefly to return - after all, Buffy was a movie before she was a TV series.

If you're reading this and have never seen an episode of Firefly, then I surely do think that you should beg, borrow, or steal it. It's shiny.

*and not just for Morena Baccarin and Jewel Staite, thankyou very much.†
...but wouldn't you just love to *Hug* Kaylee?
Some crafty individual (specifically, my sibling of the male persuasion) decided it'd be fun to shove a shiny DVD into my hands today. 'Which one', I hear myself asking so that I can pad out the entry a little further.

In a word, Firefly (which I know has been around for years, but I've only just seen any of).

The last three hours mysteriously vanished, while the first four episodes quite happily played their way across my screen. While it occurs to me that there's only another ten left, and that Serenity isn't due for release until late September, I find myself wanting to just finish watching the whole series right now - which kinda means that I no longer find [ profile] ianthefira's FMA addiction quite so odd.

Plus, the Mutant Enemy zombie always makes me giggle. "Grr! Arrg!" ... "Heehehehee!"
I almost can't wait for a ten-foot cartoon zombie to run across a cinema screen at the end of Serenity.


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