Yes, that's right! But first, let's get through the texty parts of it. This post is mostly about the perils of xmas shopping.

Let's start with the shop sign proudly declaring that there's 23 shopping days until xmas. 23!

I'll give you all a moment, and...

EXTRA DAYS! First you give 'em Sunday trading, and then they start trying to slip whole extra days into the calendar. We won't stand for it!

Or they'll invest in more chalk. One of the two. I'm betting on the chalk.

In other news, Westfield signs still offend me with their inconsistent spacing and punctuation. There's another serious issue that they've inspired me to write things about, but that's for Another Post.

Next! The aforementioned part of the dreaded Westfield chain has decided to put Santa right next to Muffin Break.

That'll do wonders for their advertising. "Look, kiddies, if you sit around with a workforce of elvish slaves and then get pulled about by reindeer all year, then that's what muffins do to you."

But there's more news than a muffin addict in unseasonal clothes today, such as people who think it's intelligent to stand in thoroughfares and converse loudly. If you feel the need for some conversatin', then you have two options. One is to do it in any of a million out-of-the-way spots cunningly provided by the architect, builders and centre management.

The other option is DEATH BY SLAYING.

One of these is more fun for me, and provides much-needed exercise. The other keeps you happy and healthy, and keeps me out of gaol. Got it?

And now, pictures!

Imagine, if you will...

Pictures! )

And that's it for this post. Yay!
...or to help market eyebleach, we have a cheaparse Flash movie for you. Be warned that it is a little angsty, and contains spoilers for films from 1977, 1980 and 1983. Anyone offended by tasteless flash cartoons, badly painted fireworks and poorly handwritten commentaries should feel free to rant about it in comments, so that everyone else can tear you to shreads while I laugh maniacally.


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