Except it's mostly just more of me going on about my layout. And, in honour of today's IE issues, of my new icon.

Today's changes include the earlier issues with the taglist (it's now a hierarchical menu in Firefox), a narrower sidebar, a collapsed calendar brought into line with the colour scheme in the rest of the layout, and me remembering to mention the randomised icon in the sidebar to those of you who haven't seen it yet.

Also, there's a link in the link list for my icon post, which has now been updated to just before I made this icon. (Is nothing up to date in this journal?) No link here, I'm afraid, since there's a perfectly good one in the sidebar. Or you can find it via the taglist, I suppose.

I'll still love forever anyone who can tell me how to code in quickreply on the comments pages, too.

Another semi-plan is to add a randomised quotebox in the sidebar; the thing slowing it down is I have no idea what I'd put in there.

And, to finish off, a meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] princesslaurene (See? I can code LJtags!) and tweaked for no particular reason except that it seems like fun to do it this way and I'm amusingly not much for playing with other people's characters (though their worlds may well be fair game).

And what is this meme? I want you to give me a concept, phrase, word, sentence, quote, or object. A fandom is optional for the request, and optional for me to scribble about1.

Beyond that, the concept, phrase, word, sentence, quote or object must be somewhere included in what I write for you. For your part, you have no say in what you'll get back; needless to say, I'll probably try to squeeze something out of it that you mightn't have been expecting2.

And why am I doing this, you ask? For fun. To entertain my flist. For attention. Because most of you haven't seen much at all of how I write Stuff. Because I want a little bit of a break from prodding S2 code with a sharp mouse pointer. And I suppose that if you like it then you could always tell your friends to try, and get them to tell their friends, and watch my comments page explode.3

And now I'm off to bed. I'll see what you've come up with in the morning.

1This will probably depend most upon my familiarity with the fandom. Firefly, Old Kingdom and Keys to the Kingdom are almost definitely going to meet with a favourable response.
2No, I won't find a way to turn petunias into the Spanish Inquisition, no matter how little you would've been expecting it.
3Maybe one of them knows about coding in quickreply. That'd be shiny.4
4No, I don't miss an opportunity. Yes, my normal speech is slowly shifting closer to what you hear in Firefly. Yes, the second part of the Project is on its way. No, I made up the questions all by myself. No, I don't think the answers are that necessary. Yes, I thought it was fun to include them anyway.
It's come to my attention that it's now spring, and there's magpies looking to nest in the tree out the front. Right outside the door. This is going to be... interesting.

Continuing this theme of change in my little corner of the world, a shrubbery from near a bus stop near home has somehow vanished. It looks like the Kinghts Who Say Ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky p'kang-zoop-boing! Goodem-zoo-owli-zhiv got their second shrubbery after all.

And I got a copy of Across the Wall today, because I just randomly saw it in a bookshop and pounced. And got a slightly unnerved stare from their employee, who doesn't seem to be fond of tall people who dive into the sci-fi section and come out all fangirl-bouncy seconds later. Yay for Mr Nix.
I got another phonecall today. The people who were supposed to be staying? The've decided they're not going to get here until tomorrow, which doesn't put me in nearly so ranty a mood as yesterday. I think it's partly because the last entry got me over most of "you're putting people up for a bit kthxbye".

This news is both good and bad. The good news is that I get a whole extra day to see to it that all's ready for someone to stay. Having basically done it all yesterday (that's the bad bit), I'm now killing time on the intarnets and re-reading Sabriel. Not, mind you, that I really have a problem with that.


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