But first, if you like NetHack, you absolutely must try What Fools These Mortals.

All I really have today is that there was a passenger on a bus this afternoon who looked rather like Inigo Montoya.

Well, that, and I have this idea for an odd-ish sort of a vampire vignette that I should look into writing at some point, and I have lists of request things that I should really get done sometime, and I have my own ideas for other things to do, and seriously do not even think the word 'report' or 'essay' or I will beat you to death with a green pencil.

So don't. Please?

In other news, tonight I artificially aged a tiger photo from the Internargles, partly as a demonstration of film grain and faux sepia toning and such, and partly to see if I could. The original is a stock photo from here, and I'm kind of happy with the results, which look a little like this:

Happily, it's a vastly easier process this way than it is to try to make such a photo look modern.
Firstly: All the images used in this post come from stock.xchng, a fantastically brilliant site offering free stock photos. It's a lovely little place, and greatly recommended.

And now, cut for images and Photoshop geeking )
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Sep. 12th, 2005 01:56 am
Today, I interrupt your flist to bring you art behind a cut. It's from a scan of a page in Wicked, which I was linked to by [livejournal.com profile] lesslikeyou for possible source images for my reworked layout. Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Konqueror and IE/Mac users, the Time Dragon background images come from the same place.

The scan was B&W, and sharp all over in the way that drawings are. The following image has been coloured in, 'mounted' on a purple wheat thatch backing, has had some film grain added, and a fake depth-of-field effect applied to mid- and backgrounds for a more photographic feel.

Picture behind cut [450x600px, 68 K] )

This is part of a greater plot to enhance my Photoshop skills. So, if there's imagey-things you think would be good or that you'd like done, say so. Photomanips or maybe even restoration could be fun, too. *nods sagely*


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