Feb. 8th, 2009

My Internets were just shaped for the last hour and twenty-seven minutes, which is a new experience for me: in other months, I either fit into my quota for the tubes or buy more so that I won't run out (which didn't really seem worthwhile 2 hours before my monthly nargletube ration refreshed).

Hence, this revelation: 64k is slow. Very slow. Incredibly slow. Slow enough that YouTube plays about a note or a syllable at a time. Slow enough that you're stuck reading a sidebar five or six times before the page text can render. Slow, almost as though the tubes have been filled with treacle. Slow enough that you have time in between pages to make up similes involving treacle. Internargles cannot move quickly through treacle. Somebody think of the internargles!

Happily, the tubes are again working at their proper speed. I think I'll go and hug my ADSL2+ now.


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