Jan. 25th, 2009

Oh, Internet.

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Meu novo endereço de e-mail
Agora você pode me contactar através do e-mail: zzumagold@yahoo.com.br


- Dear potential buyer,we are local minners that have in possesion 470kg of ALLUVIAL RAW GOLD DUST OF 22 carat quality at %92.7+ In a month,we produce 50kg refined GOLD with ordinary man power skill.but with modern equipments,we can be sure of producing more kg per month. So therefore, a prospective buyer is needed for a long term business venture IN partnership who can help in getting some modern drilling equipments and also in the area of shippment.this he can do after purchasing his desired amount of GOLD DUST in kilogram. We expect you to ask for the details through our e-mail contact address.

With world economies as they are at the moment, the Internet has been forced to diversify from lost inheritances, lottery wins and |1tt|3 b|u3 p1||z into an obvious store of what limited wealth is available. For a short time only, you too could chase after electronic promises of ALLUVIAL RAW REFINED GOLD DUST, but apparently only in kilogram, so those of you in the United States may be forced to learn a sensible system of measures.

Or to, y'know, just throw your money out into the street. It'll have much the same result.

All they need is modern equipments! You invest in them long term! They expect you to ask for the details! They pretend you replied to them to begin with! They didn't actually use exclamation marks, but that's because the exclamation marks all depend on a shippment of the MODERN EQUIPMENTS, which they somehow cannot buy with the ALLUVIAL RAW REFINED GOLD DUST in kilogram. (This shippment of MODERN EQUIPMENTS is also essential for the successful operation of spell check.)

At least the Spanish Prisoner kind of makes sense, seeing as how they're not something you can trade on the open market for.. *checks* $895.30 per troy ounce. Oh. Ounces. If only there were some way to convert GOLD DUST in kilogram to ALLUVIAL RAW REFINED GOLD DUST in ounce. Woe! WOE in kilogram!

Whatever happened to the days when scammers would try to sell you landmarks? Or pieces of geography? Or when they'd just get you to agree to impossible bets? Much more of this modern email scam nonsense, and I'll be just about ready to be parted from all my worldly possessions in some dastardly yet clever way that will leave me penniless, outraged, and somewhat amused.


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