Nov. 7th, 2008

Things had improved so much over the last few years; still, the President couldn't help but smile as she kissed the First Lady goodnight.

This relates to both my subjects for this post, so:

Firstly, a meme, from [ profile] kittydesade:

To commemorate, in its own way, the passing of Prop 8, write slash. Not random PWP sex-slash, but loving committed relationships slash. Two people who love each other deeply and want to be together, to share their lives together, as simple as that.

The above, the start of this post, is my first for the meme; a little fragment of a thought, distilled into the format of the next item, that being The Slightly Stolen Idea mentioned in the subject line.

Some time ago, [ profile] kdsorceress had a post that had random 30-word porn in it, and she then collected 30-word porn from her flist for a week. I'm sure I thought at the time that it'd make a fun idea for a comm - weekly prompts for 30-word fiction. It's a curious art, or game, or hobby, or whatever it is - writing just a little, then playing with the words until it fits; distilling a thought or an idea or an image into something like a little prose haiku. Thoughts?


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