Jan. 12th, 2008

I kind of felt like doing this meme again, mostly because I went and had a look at the last time for no apparent reason.

Additionally, because I can't help myself when faced with a meme, the results table includes the change in ranking from the last time (with previous results adjusted for equal nth) and the number of comments posted since the 15th of January last year.

Note that this is a purely statistical exercise for fun - numbers of comments and positions on the table are for entertainment purposes only, and aren't at all for drama unless you actually don't love me anymore.

Top 100 Commenters behind the cut. )

And there we have it. 16 people moved up one or more places, 7 didn't go anywhere, and there's 21 new entries on the table. 29 people (or, 28 people who still have a LiveJournal) didn't comment at all, and - unsurprisingly - no-one's comment count fell.


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