Dec. 9th, 2007

(and let's just pretend that I'm using this icon:

Pretending? Good.)

Anyway: meme. Yes.
  1. Go to the Wikipedia main page and click 'random article'. This will be your band's name.
  2. Click 'random article' again. This will be your album name.
  3. Click 'random article' fifteen more times, for the tracks on the album.
Because I'm me, I'll also link to the articles and add comments along the way.

Also, from any Wikipedia page you can quickly get a new random article by pressing Alt+Shift+X. Unless you're a Mac user, I suppose, in which case you're on your own I'm told Ctrl+X will work for you instead.


Band name: Trichocentrum

It'll apparently be a small band, though we'll be considered to be among the prettiest of bands, and should be generally well-liked. There'll be some disagreement over just what genre we  play, especially since individual pieces are likely to be highly variable.

Plus, it sounds kind of cool. Yay!

Album Name: Tongue-in-Cheek

That's, um, just about perfect. Whee!

Track List: Hey, look, it's a cut. )
And there we have it: an album. I'm sure it'd sell a copy. Somewhere. Eventually.


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