1. Comment on this post.
  2. I'll choose six of your icons and kind of o.O at them.
  3. You'll explain what they mean, or why they exist, or why you use them.
  4. If you want to, post your answers and this explanation in your journal so others might play along.

Today's selection of icon!explanations was made by [livejournal.com profile] kittydesade.

This one comes from Sugarshock! issue 3, which I'll elaborate more on when I get to...

this one, which is also - oddly enough - from Sugarshock!, an online comic written by the Whedon and freely available from Dark Horse Presents, or: the only part of MySpace I'll ever, ever use. It's fun, it's ridiculous, and it's very... Joss? Jossy? Josslike? However you turn the Whedon into an adjective, it's that.

There are, according to some sources, Plans afoot for more Sugarshock! when the Joss has time.

Note that Sugarshock! is properly spelt with the exclamation mark, kind of like SplatterCon!!!

This one was an attempt at making a fun, seasonal icon, which would've originally involved just some kind of Cylon with a hat. The eye-sweepy thing comes free with every Cylon raider (limited numbers! order now!), so the hat-sweepy thing seemed like an amusing follow-on from that.

I may or may not remake it with a centurion at some point.

This one was really just for fun, and was one of the three Serenity gag reel icons that I made (the others being the 'TRAP!' and 'fucking fly' ones). I've been told it looks like Mal goes over to get a new Inara every few seconds; it was entirely accidental, but quite fun.

This one was an idea that I had one day while doing something completely unrelated. And, once that had happened, I just wanted to see if I actually could make it like I wanted within the 40k limit. It took five different attempts - each time I gave up for anywhere from five minutes to an hour, but by the end of the fifth one the icon was made.

And then surprisingly popular - not in an 'I expected people to hate it' sense, but instead a little bit of surprise at the flood of 'OMGICONCANIHAVEITANDUSEITPLEASEPLEASEPRETTYPLEASE'.

And this one was the product of... um, random chance? I think I may have seen something that somehow related to Whitman somewhere, remembered the yawp thing, and then wondered how it'd work for a pirate. And a fo'c'sle can be as good as a roof, so. Icon.
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