Requested By: [ profile] shaysdays
Prompt: Zero gravity (particularly zero-gee sex)
Fandom: None
Length: 611 words.
Notes: Finally.
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She woke up and yawned softly, looking around the cavernous space around them. She stared blearily at the mostly-dark room, a room that looked like... the quaternary cargo hold?

She stretched a little, and the pressure around her body - arms, she realised after a moment - gently tightened around her.

"Can't have you drifting across the room and back before you even wake up," came a voice from behind her. A cute voice; a smooth, tasty kind of voice that she'd usually be hearing over the tach-pulse comms by now.

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Requested By: [ profile] deepfishy
Prompt: Never let your deal go down
Fandom: Firefly
Length: 416 words
Notes: I'm incredibly out of practice at this. And while I'm not entirely happy with how this turned out, it is at least something.
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Requested By: [ profile] maggiebloome
Prompt: The difficulty of removing price-tags from gifts
Fandom: Firefly
Length: 519 words
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Requested By: [ profile] daphyn
Prompt: Comfort
Fandom: Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West
Length: 138 words
Notes: Fairly short, and just a possible interpretation of the effects of the rest of the novel. Astute readers will note this is works out to be the  morning of the day Nessarose gets whapped on the head with a house.
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Requested By: [ profile] salzara_tirwen
Prompt: A particularly horrid Sue joins the Serenity crew.
Fandom: Firefly
Length: 1373 words
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Serenity, bridge; night.

"It's the simplest of jobs-"

"-and a job's a job-"

"-and it seems to us you could use one right about now," said Fanty and Mingo, staring out from the little screen on the console.

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Requested By: [ profile] princesslaurene
Prompt: The differences between winter in Ancelstierre and the Old Kingdom
Fandom: Old Kingdom
Length: 317 words
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Requested By: [ profile] caprinus
Prompt: Objects
  • Jayne-sized silver-lamé pants
  • A brown bear, mounted by an incompetent taxidermist
  • A bear's gall bladder
Fandom: Firefly
Length: 583 words
Warning: Involves Jayne's imagination, and his man-parts. Read at your own risk.
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"Nee ta ma duh tyen-shia suo-yo duh run doh gai si. This is the gorramn cargo?" Captain Reynolds waved frantically at the... the thing standing in the middle of the hold. Jobs had been hard to come by, ever since the Alliance took out everyone ever to help the crew. Made a hell of a mess of things.

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Requested By: [ profile] liadlaith
Prompt: Strong and sinuous like a mermaid's tale
Fandom: None
Length: 904 words
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Sinuous, adj.
3. Not direct; devious.

Mermaid, n.
A legendary sea creature having the head and upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish.
Myths and legends. It's the way people tell stories that aren't true, stories based on whimsy or fancy or lies, stories that look nothing like the real world. Stories that they hope aren't true, or stories that they wish were.

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Requested By: [ profile] azdaja_dafema
Prompt: As the stars go by we sit and stare
Fandom: Old Kingdom
Length: 298 words
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This started as a repost of a meme stolen from [ profile] princesslaurene, and evolved into a kind of project. Here's how it is.
  • You leave a comment to this entry, containing:
    • A prompt. This will be included somewhere in the finished piece of writing. Examples of prompts include:
      • concepts
      • phrases
      • words
      • sentences
      • quotes
      • objects
    • A fandom. This is optional for you, and may not be used if I don't know the fandom terribly well.
  • I'll write something based on your request comment.
    • You have no say in what you'll get back, except that the prompt will be in there somewhere and somehow.
    • Each piece will be a seperate entry, tagged with (tag to be decided) and will have a link back to this comment.
    • Requests will be filled on a (mostly) first-in first-out basis.
  • Other notes:
    • Post all requests as replies to the entry, and not as replies to other comments.
    • You may post second and subsequent requests:
      • At least one week after a previous request, or
      • When the queue is empty. (Check title of this post)
    • A link to this post will be added in the sidebar.
I think that's everything for the moment. There's another entry here for discussion on this, just to keep the comments uncluttered here.


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