Does this post have anything to do with text adventures? Honestly, not a thing, but I can't very well start using meaningful subject lines now.

So, I've fixed Deepest Sender, which means that I can post without having to use the horrible 'update journal' page and without having to use anything that won't live in Firefox. Yay me! The unfortunate side effect is that I fixed Deepest Sender today, ie, the day after the pretend zombie invasion.

I have a working LJ client. Now all I need is a gorram time machine to go back to yesterday and (try to) be funny. But no, no fictional zombie invasion for me.

Also: it's really very odd to type <em>me</em>.

In other news, my V:tM - Bloodlines has no downtown map. This saddens me. If someone a copy of la_hub_1.bsp they could upload somewhere, that'd be perfect. One from unofficial patch 3.5 or 3.6 would be even better, but I'd happily settle for a working copy that doesn't make me reinstall the whole game.
Firstly, for anyone who said they were interested in (or undecided about) playing Nomic, I suggest having a bit of a look at [ profile] nomicide, and joining if you'd like to play.

Next! Actually, wait-


So, my computer seems to have developed an odd chirping noise, kind of like a slightly wobbly fan, or a misplaced cricket. Hooray. I think it's probably the power supply fan, so...

*sprays compressed air*

There we go. Now, on to other entry stuff!

The- right. There it is again.

*sprays air*

Aaaand... no effect. Fine. Have it your way.

*prods fan with screwdriver*

There we go. I win. Me 1, ailing technology 0.

So! Where was I? Oh, right, I was just about to pos- AAARGH!

*prods slightly different spot on fan*


Aaaand... I've lost what I was about to say. Evil fan. Ummm... definitely all gone. Rar.
So, I had an interesting experience tonight.

I got to perform emergency maintenance on my computer following an interesting crash right in the middle of writing a reply email. Gmail's autosaved drafts, oh, how I love thee.

So, yes. One week of actual summer, I start dying from the temperatures and and my computer starts developing fun new heat issues. So, I've rearranged some bits to help with heat exchange, rearranged the desk to help airflow, and I'm going to go and buy it new fans tomorrow, because overheating computer bits? Do not want.

Also, last night, my obligatory 'one surgery before bed' in Trauma Center actually worked out to be just one. 5 kyriaki operations in 10 minutes? WTF, Trauma Center. WTF.

I got through 4 of them before the time limit, which was apparently enough to pass with a C. Whee. But, seriously, 5. In 10 minutes. So, I spent some of today practising the whole excise-and-burn thing for the kyriaki until it was down to about 1:50ish. It's still a little slow in spots, but I want my S, gorrammit.

Also, a handheld game shouldn't be quite so immersive. (But it's good that it is.)

Lastly, stolen from [ profile] ryttu3k, the fandom character guessing meme thingy, which I choose to call...

The Fandom Character Guessing Meme Thingy!

The game is simple: I list up to 20 films or books or movies or TV shows or $OTHER, and you guess my favourite character(s) from them. Where I can't decide, the number of right answers is given [in brackets].

  1. Firefly - Kaywinnit Lee Frye ([ profile] kdsorceress)
  2. Battlestar Galactica [2] - Kara Thrace ([ profile] captainsblog) and...
  3. Veronica Mars [2] - Cindy Mackenzie ([ profile] thesnark) and...
  4. Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West - Elphaba ([ profile] thesnark)
  5. The Princess Bride [2] - Inigo Montoya ([ profile] fireflyfailure) and Fezzik ([ profile] palmer_kun)
  6. The Dresden Files [2] - Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden ([ profile] palmer_kun)
  7. The Amulet of Samarkand (and its sequels)
  8. I'd say Heroes, but everyone already knows the answer
  9. Harry Potter [2]
  10. Dragonlance - Raistlin Majere ([ profile] palmer_kun)
  11. Planescape (the setting) [2]
  12. Planescape: Torment
  13. Grey's Anatomy [2] - Cristina Yang ([ profile] thesnark)
  14. House [2] - Gregory House and James Wilson ([ profile] thesnark)
  15. Shade's Children
  16. Questionable Content [2] - Dora Bianchi ([ profile] palmer_kun)
  17. The Thief games
  18. The Old Kingdom trilogy - Mogget ([ profile] frenzied)
  19. Pirates of the Caribbean [2]
  20. Monsters, Inc. [2]
...the same arrangement; I come here and post a post.

In a new twist on the series of posts containing the 'word' OMGWTFBtVS, I'm watching Once More With Feeling, right. now.


Yes, my BuffyBox arrived today. And so now, I have to randomly check a few of the DVDs to make sure they work.

Also, I should buy a new drive to play DVDs with. This one's getting on a bit, and is sloooooowwww with the whole dual-layer thing.

*le sigh*

In other news, I filled in a form for the compulsory-to-enrol-for-but-not-actually-attend course, so now I get to pay for course fees. Whee!

On the way to do this, I discovered that bus drivers need to learn about traffic lights. One seemed intent on trying to turn me into an ickle pile of squish. Not-so-whee.

And, just randomly, I went to two different DVD shoppes today (apart from the one with the BuffyBox). Both had The Fifth Element playing. In fact, both had The Fifth Element playing such that the Multipass line played about a minute after I got into either shoppe. Multiwhee!

So, yey. :)
Let's start in the relatively sheltered field of making everyday things impossible.

My CD drive seems to do silly things; if it's copying significant amounts of data or burning a CD, it seems to upset the whole machine and make it reset itself. I had a look at it and checked that it was all plugged in properly; I've yet to see if this has fixed anything.

That's not the important bit. This object here:
Image hosted by
is what I call the clamp-lamp. It's light, clips onto things, and makes things brighter. Normally it shines on my desk (mostly on my keyboard) without reflecting off the monitor. This is a Good Thing.

So, my computer tower is on a shelf below my desktop. This meant moving the lamp - the first time, it was a fairly easy process; the lamp attached easily, and was promptly turned so I could see what I was doing.

Returning it to the monitor shelf was, in short, a trial. It was unclamped, then I spent three or four minutes twisting the flexible stick-thingy through various positions until it finally returned to the shape you see above. The problem was (of course!) solved by bending it exactly the way that it wasn't supposed to go, in order to get it to where it was meant to be.

From here, it was a straightforward process to twist the lamp back around to face the desk rather than the wall and the ceiling. Sound too easy to be true? It was! The plastic bit at the top of the stick thingy that covers the bit where it attaches to the lamp and the wires poke through seemed to have just been backwards, but in reality must've found a way to be inside-out, upside-down and randomly twisted through sixteen or seventeen dimensions. Another minute of fiddly poking and prodding, and it finally went back into place.

Except the clamp was now backwards, and had to be turned around the right way. And - it seems to be a theme - it wouldn't turn. So the stick-thingy had to be straightened out again so that its plastic cover could turn properly with the clamp. Eventually, it ended up the right shape again.

There's been another small tweak on my layout, which you can see in almost everything that isn't IE. It now has "»" characters on the ends of list items with popup submenus. This, however, isn't the tricky bit. When you hover them, the » vanishes; hopefully, this should make it clear that there's submenus.

Moving along, I'm sure everyone's seen El Busho's note to Ms Rice at the UN summit. I'd originally considered a simple photomanip to change the text, but there's really no way to make that photo mock George more. So, instead, I present my icon-sized vision of what would happen if it were to be slipped into his speech notes.
Image hosted by
I had wanted to animate it, alternating between George and the "I gotta pee" speech from Forrest Gump. Alas, this wasn't to be - but I think the expression works excellently there.

And that's about it for the moment.
PC: "Floppy disk singed my hard drive."
Me: "I'll get a new one."
PC: "Thanks."

That's right! I blew up a hard drive with a bronze-age floppy drive. In true geeky manner, I responded to this by buying a bigger, faster drive and using that to fix the silly, silly machine.

And, obviously, it works now. yay!

For the moment, that's all. Things are working again, and I have a useful selection of software available to me once again.


There was one other thing. New contact details, since I've forgotten all my old passwords. So, if you want to IM me, then:

AIM: apathyPiratess
ICQ: 303327866

I broke my computer yesterday. As such, I'm going to be fixing and reinstalling things, and poking and prodding at bits and pieces until it's all working satisfactorily again, and actual details will come at that point.

If there's something you'd like me to know about when I get around to catching up with interweb stuff tomorrowish, then leave a comment here. Maybe with a link.

The episode was Objects in Space, which has some of my favourite lines. Just like every other episode. I'll be making a shiny new icon from it soon-ish, just to amuse myself.

I think I may have figured out what's wrong with comment notifications in Gmail. All mine are turning up just fine, but at semi-random times. I think some piece of shiny in the Google servers is aiming to misbehave. This is based on two of my mailing lists being a bit funny in their message delivery, and I find one problem at Google much easier to believe than one in LJ and another in Y! Groups.

Today, I bought myself a notepad a6 spiral-bound acid-free cartridge-paper sketchbook, which is my version of a notepad. I like the feel of the pages and the lack of lines, but I'm odd like that. This notebook is partly to keep the stuff I consider putting in LJ posts from slipping right out of my mind when I finally get near Deepest Sender.

I did more bookshopping today, but could find neither Wicked nor Arrows of the Queen. I shall have the bookshop order them in, in a few weeks' time. My purchases have been expanded, though, with The Princess Bride, Mort and Sourcery. My buying list is massively behind still, but I plan to work on it. Also! They forced convinced me to sign up for a free loyalty programme, which essentially works out to 5% store credit for every purchase, earnable and spendable anywhere in their chain and worth double-points until the end of August. So, I'll be ordering books and trying to pay for them in advance in about a month. I'm sneaky like that.

Lastly, people on buses are odd. I know some people have a slightly harsh or aggressive tone, like they're trying to force words out instead of just speaking, but this one woman on the bus had a manner of speaking that made it sound like she wanted to bludgeon each and every word with a cricket bat until it was no longer recognisable as the speech of a personable level-headed human. What was more surprising was this, said loudly enough that you could've taken notes in the middle of a busy street in Tokyo with a loud, rusty typewriter: "I never have a lot of luck with flatmates. They always seem to move out. (beat) [Name] is moving out now, too. Just when I got to know her. (Beat) She was always saying she never gets any space or privacy. It's my house, I can do what I want."

And that's how it is for 2:25am. I'll be back shortly with an icon, I think.
Oh, wait. That'd be me.

My linux CDs got here today - 14 pressed copies of it, sent to me absolutely free. Why 14? They tell you to order them in large-ish batches since it's more expensive to post CDs than to press them. Back to the story, I managed to simultaneously laugh and squee at the sight of the bubble-wrap envelope full of CDs unceremoniously stuffed into the mailbox. There's 10 x86 ones (pron. PC), 2 PPC copies (pron. Mac), and 2 AMD64 discs.

Murph managed to take his own coat off this morning... partly. He was wearing it like a cape, except it was a dirty, torn cape on the outside and he was trying to use the fuzzy lining inside for a pillow. Fortunately, he has another one that he only just fits into, until I can give his big one back.

Today, I came to the conclusion I simply must buy myself a new computer at some point. My scary 750mHz clock speed just doesn't cut it these days, as I found out trying to emulate an N64 for Majora's Mask earlier. Soooo... veeery... slooooow. Oh, and the emulation, too. The only other irritation from that is losing your items and money and sidequest states when you go back in time. Grrr. Arrg.

I think that's about it for right now. If recent form's anything to go by, I'll think of the best post ever in about ten minutes, consider editing, start Deepest Sender, open the entry for editing, and then forget what I was about to say, close the window and get myself a chocolate creme Oreo.

Actually, I might just do that last bit anyway. *advances upon fridge*


*munch* Mmm... Where was I? Oh, yes. And then I'd forget what I was actually going to say the moment my fingers hit my keyboard so I'd just turn the volume up on a random track in Winamp and maybe even sing along. *click*
active_apathy: (Dead or Alive)

Update 2/2

Jun. 14th, 2005 02:37 am
This is the happier entry. Here we go...

One - new icon. That's it, off to the side. If you don't remember seeing that scene, it's because you didn't; it's from the script of an unmade episode called Dead or Alive. Near as I can tell (having checked with Babelfish and that site that translates the Chinese in Firefly), 混蛋 means 'bastard'.

Two - spider. In my bedroom. For perspective...

I don't deal with bugs. Not at all, not ever, and so on. I had a cockroach improsoned in the hallway under a plastic container that I'd jump over for a week before I had a visitor to throw it out for me. This spider was, by some standards, small-ish - roughly the size of an Australian 20c piece. Those standards are not my standards. For the international audience...
Size comparison behind cut )

Now, many of you wouldn't worry too much about such a creature. That's fine, you're not me. So, I raided my desk and my kitchen cupboard, and took a plastic container with which to trap the offending creature. Step two, as everyone knows, was to slide the paper under and lift the whole plastic-spider-paper assembly off the wall. I then took it to my desk.

Most people would just leave it there. Most people aren't me. No, gentle reader, for I engaged in fearless origami to create the inescapable prison of Arachnatraz. No, really. And then I secured the walls with an old hairtie. The whole lot's sitting on my kitchen bench, with a hastily scribbled warning to make sure I don't get curious about it.
There's even a picture to prove it. )

Three - movie. Parents decided that they wanted to make me take them to Mr and Mrs Smith today, since it's a public holiday and they didn't have much to do. They either think I'm superultralonely these days, or they wanted to justify their leering by taking someone they knew would kinda stare at Angelina anyway. I think it's the latter. It's a fun movie, and well worth the time and money to see.

Four - The Vader!llama!song has hit [ profile] metaquotes again. Everyone, I'm sorry. I never meant for it to go that far.

Ok, so that's not convincing anyone. Um, hey! Look! A specially made spider!prison.

Five - Dear malware authors,

please don't think I won't notice the bandwidth use. I'm on dialup. For that matter, even if I missed that, killing the status thingy won't help because I can look at the flashy lights on the modem. Furthermore, when I am using the internet and listening to music I typically have about 30 processes running. When you leave things on my process table, I will notice and promptly shove them off the side of it. Lastly, your powers of having things run on startup are nothing compared to my powers to take away execute permissions. In future, please don't bother.

And that's about it for the moment.
Ah, Windows.

This morning I woke up, and shambled over to my PC. I pressed the power button, and I waited for it to dutifully kick up a login screen. As with every other day, I type in my password at a pace that leaves the keys reeling from the shock.

And then, I see a friendly, helpful message along these lines:

"Your profile appears to be corrupted and cannot be restored. Please contact your system "

Fun, fun. This isn't new, and it's something that's generally pretty trivial to deal with. What it's usually supposed to do is back up the corrupted profile to '%profile dir%/user-name-here.bak/'

Today, just to be windows irksome it decided that it didn't want to make backups, nor did it seem content to leave the files where they were - the net result being that all the data that makes up my files are still -somewhere-, except the system doesn't know where it is... and the drive itself is hopelessly fragmented at present (save early, save often? No! Defrag early, defrag often). What this means is that rather a lot of stuff is gone - my documents, my half-edited forum code, my Hanged Man character, my collection of classic IF titles, my Firefox extensions, my bookmarks, my collection of shortcuts, a small arsenal of install files, a few bits and pieces of web software, a pile of special occasion logos swiped from Google, the bones of my next couple of articles on the WotC Character Development boards and countless other bits and pieces I'll regret the lack of over the coming days.


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