Adapted from [ profile] packbat:

This is the meme evolution meme. Copy this text, change it however you like, and repost it in your own journal. Remember to post a link to your version here as a reply to the person whose text you altered, so we can see how it evolves!
Dear Bioware,

Why is it that, on planets with hostile environments that will melt armour in under a minute, Getherton G. MacGeth of Gethsville, Gethland, is completely untroubled by the temperature?1

Similarly, the agents of the evil corporation's supersecret research department don't seem to freeze to death waiting to defend the supersecret science facility, and the sudden unexpected space pirates appear not to need helmets on a planet with no atmosphere.

Slightly puzzled,
[ profile] active_apathy,
Refrigerational logician2

And now, because I have again attacked with the prompt 'cinnamon', a meme from [ profile] maggiebloome:

The first TEN (10)3 people4 to comment in this post get to request a drabble or a poem or something of any pairing/character/misc of their choosing5 from me6. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

  1. I am assuming that this is not, in fact, another part of the Checkhov's Gun Arsenal that is the rest of the game. It's almost like they really, really want to join Checkhov's NRA.
  2. There needs to be a name for linking people to tvtropes. Troperolling, perhaps? Except that the trope link tends to be entirely relevant, as are the next seventy-four tabs that you will open.
  3. Not necessarily limited to TEN (10).
  4. Necessarily limited to people.
  5. Choosing things I know something about may yield better results.
  6. I shall endeavour to be less flakesome this time.
The demand: is that someone needs to put Steve Coogan playing Substitute on Spicks & Specks on the Interwebs, right. now. Many of you will know exactly why this is: I ask that you do not tell those who do not yet know.

The meme: is a book meme, stollened from [ profile] laurenmitchell.

  1. The worst reading experience that you have ever had?

    I simply could not read The Catcher in the Rye. This is not an uncommon response to it, of course, but it was just- gah. It was enough to make me turn a new, pristine, freshly-delivered copy, from the new set that we and we alone were entrusted with before any of the troglodytes in the lesser English classes, that didn't even have names and student numbers recorded for them, as a case study in projectile motion.

    I could not bring myself to read the book, or even to read summaries, and instead blagged my way through with some tripe about context, intertextuality and rubric. To this day, I am convinced that the syllabus awarded marks based solely on the presence of words such as 'context', 'intertextuality' and 'rubric'.

    For that matter, I am also convinced that those responsible for said marking have no idea what 'rubric' even means, but knew it made me sound smarter than them. So there we have it: you can pass exams by making the markers feel just a little bit dumb.

  2. This goes on for some time. )
And there we have it. I now return you to your regularly scheduled friends list.
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"ZOMGWTFBBQLMNOP". Which would be more or less my reaction to having discovered a planet, because I do not typically engage in any activity that tends to result in discovering planets.

(Also, in this fantasy universe I would use my new-found fame to commission a space mission to deploy a "ZOMGWTFBBQLMNOP" sign on the planet, visible to anyone peering at images of it. This would have the added advantage of warding off alien invaders by showing them that Earthlings are insane.)
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Blackmail material sufficient to have new seasons of Firefly, The Dresden Files, Brimstone, and a host of other prematurely cancelled TV shows greenlit. Especially if I'm going to be jailed for life for it - some quality viewing will be essential.

(Alternatively, I shall edit the databases to show that I am, in fact, allowed to access the databases - I can has more wishez?)

Also, note that neither ASIO or ASIS made the list.
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Icon meme

Feb. 5th, 2009 12:49 pm
Kidnapped from [ profile] kittydesade.

  1. How do you feel right now?

  2. What's your favourite pastime?


  3. Do you consider yourself a strange person?

  4. What's your main fandom?

    , or, alternatively,

  5. OTP?

    I don't really have one, or an icon for one. So. Um.

  6. How do you describe yourself?

  7. How do others describe you?

    It's sometimes hard to say. Others! Describe me!

  8. What's your favourite non-default icon to use?

    This changes rather frequently. At the moment:

    , , and

  9. Do you have an icon of your future spouse?

    (i.e.: no.)

  10. Do you have a LOLWUT icon?

    There are, apparently, nuances of LOLWUT.
Point of interest: this is meme number one hundred and twenty-three in my journal. It is also borrowed appropriated adopted pirated acquired stolen from [ profile] kittydesade. These data are completely unrelated. The meme commences in the next paragraph. Please return all seats and tray tables to the position in which they seem most comfortable.

List the first ten series that come to mind. Your friends will comment with the character from each series that they think you are most like. Remember this is who I'm most like, not necessarily my favorites!

  1. Firefly
  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or we could count all things Buffyverse as one series.)
  3. Battlestar Galactica (new!BSG, not old!BSG)
  4. The Dresden Files (either books or TV)
  5. House
  6. NCIS
  7. Leverage (which has aired two episodes so far, but did come to mind, so.)
  8. The Old Kingdom series
  9. The Sandman
  10. Doctor Who
Today I have yet another meme, mostly because I couldn't think of an entertaining enough way to discuss at length the magical exploding coalition between the Liberal Party of Australia and the National Party of Australia. Except, perhaps, Sen. Joyce saying "I MADE YOU A FLOOR, BUT I CROSSED IT."

So. Meme.

  1. Are you really ready for 100 questions?

    100 questions? One hundred questions? Oh, please. Answer three hundred and forty-two questions written by silly Scientologists, and a mere hundred questions seems like an insignificant speck of nascent memery, an ephemeral little paragraph in the blog of life. this meme's off to a good start, then. Pay no attention to the meme behind the cut. )
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Dec. 8th, 2008 08:12 pm
Since I've now discovered that my previous plans for an Aperture Science Foamcore Model Companion Cube will not, in fact, yield an Aperture Science Foamcore Model Companion Cube, and will indeed require a significant redesign before again attempting to build an Aperture Science Foamcore Model Companion Cube, I'm posting a meme instead.

A seasonal meme. Kidnapped this year from [ profile] ryttu3k.

  1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? This year will be paper. Unless I forget to wrap everything, that is, in which case this year will be ohgodohgodwhat'smostlyopaqueandbigenoughtofitthisstuffin?.

  2. Real tree or artificial? The tree is a most cunning artifice. Except for the artificial foliage that keeps falling off, which I believe is only supposed to happen to real trees, WHY MUST MY TREE BE INFERIOR?

  3. When do you put up the tree? Today.  ._.

  4. Like the cake, number 4 is a lie.

  5. Do you like eggnog? I did this last year with disappointing results, but in the interests of Science!, TO THE KITCHEN!

    [[Some time passes.]]

    Hmm. This is the first recipe I found (and then promptly used one-sixth of the quantities), and my experiment seems to be a glass of success. Not quite HUGE SUCCESS, but it's good nonetheless.

    Also, episodes of Chef! are just about perfect to watch while beating foodstuffs with a whisk if you can't be bothered getting an actual mixer out of the cupboard. On the other hand, the keyboard seems harder to reach than I remember.

  6. Favourite gift received as a child? Whatever it was, I don't remember it. Um. It wasn't a pony?

  7. Hardest person to buy for? Almost all of my family, who have everything they could conceivably ever want.

  8. Easiest person to buy for? My mother, who gives me a list of books she'd like. Give money, receive dead trees, wrap, give, done.

  9. Do you have a nativity scene? The small mixing bowl and the other small mixing bowl just gave birth to the stuff in the medium mixing bowl. That's good enough for me.

    (Coincidentally, it gets better as you drink more. Medium-sized success!)

  10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Um... neither? If everyone's very lucky, I might remember to update sometime on the 25th.

  11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? I don't tend to remember those ones either, so. Um. It wasn't a pony?

  12. Favourite Christmas Movie? ...I should, er, obtain a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special. I hear it's like an audiovisual equivalent of The Eye of Argon, yet kind of appropriate for This Season.

  13. When do you start shopping? Um... today. I searched ThinkGeek for things my brother might inconceivably want.

  14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Yes. In the thrown-into-recycling-bin sense.

  15. Favourite thing to eat at Christmas? Pancakes. It's family tradition. Apart from this, my foodstuffs don't do festive.

  16. Lights on the tree? New lights! LED lights! Lights without spiky covers OF DEATH!

  17. Favourite Christmas song? Hmm. Probably not this one. Or this one.

    Maybe this one, for sheer amusement value? Or this, also for amusement value.

  18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? I have never in my life travelled for This Season.

  19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? Um... Ragnagord, the evil reindeer overlord?

  20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Treponema pallidum. My tree has syphilis. My tree has syphilis because necrotising fasciitis didn't balance well enough on the top of the tree.

  21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Morning. Followed, and I want to make this perfectly clear, by pancakes. Pancakes that weren't found in the Dungeons of Doom.

    (Prediction: Four people on my flist will get that joke.)

  22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? Pets as gifts. Don't. Just don't.

  23. Favourite ornament theme or colour. I like seasonal icons.

  24. Favourite for Christmas dinner? More or less the same things I like for the rest of the year. In much the same quantities. My food for This Season isn't much different to the rest of the year.

  25. What do you want for Christmas this year? To successfully avoid having tape accidentally stuck anywhere on my person, especially my face. Sticky tape is not for noses.
Things had improved so much over the last few years; still, the President couldn't help but smile as she kissed the First Lady goodnight.

This relates to both my subjects for this post, so:

Firstly, a meme, from [ profile] kittydesade:

To commemorate, in its own way, the passing of Prop 8, write slash. Not random PWP sex-slash, but loving committed relationships slash. Two people who love each other deeply and want to be together, to share their lives together, as simple as that.

The above, the start of this post, is my first for the meme; a little fragment of a thought, distilled into the format of the next item, that being The Slightly Stolen Idea mentioned in the subject line.

Some time ago, [ profile] kdsorceress had a post that had random 30-word porn in it, and she then collected 30-word porn from her flist for a week. I'm sure I thought at the time that it'd make a fun idea for a comm - weekly prompts for 30-word fiction. It's a curious art, or game, or hobby, or whatever it is - writing just a little, then playing with the words until it fits; distilling a thought or an idea or an image into something like a little prose haiku. Thoughts?
  1. It's been a while since I've posted.
  2. Actually, quite a while.
  3. I seem to have this kind of super!hiatus every year.
Preliminary findings:
  1. I should post something.
  2. Also, I should keep posting things.
Options for posting:
  1. Post a recap of everything that's happened since last I posted.
    • Pros:
      • There's a recap of everything that's happened.
      • I feel like I've posted something.
      • It may lead to further posting.
    • Cons:
      • I've forgotten lots of stuff that's happened.
      • It's long and tiresome to read.
      • Plus, a little more dull than I might otherwise like.
  2. Post some kind of frothy rant about a current issue.
    • Pros:
      • There's a frothy rant about some current issue.
      • I feel like I've posted something.
      • It may lead to further posting.
    • Cons:
      • Ranting as a first post back makes the subject look more important than it might otherwise be.
      • It's long and tiresome to read.
      • Plus, it's of limited interest to the flist in general.
  3. Post a meme.
    • Pros:
      • Memes are sometimes fun to play with.
      • I feel like I've posted something.
      • It may lead to further posting.
    • Cons:
      • It's a meme.
  1. Not posting for some time leads to posts like this.
  2. This post will likely contain a meme.

So, fair warning: here be meme )

And there we go, a post. Maybe later there'll be a post on swearing prime ministers, or on the Catholic annexation of Sydney, but for now I'm just going to click the magical post button.
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Apr. 2nd, 2008 11:28 pm

ISP FTW! My Interwebs purveyor has decided to increase the bandwidth limits on most of their ADSL2+ plans, meaning that I suddenly have an extra 10GB of quota and... 5 days to use it in.

So tell me, dear flist: in what universe is it fair for season 2 of Dead Like Me to be downloading faster than season 1? WHY DOES BITTORRENT HATE ME SO?


Spicks and Specks was, er, fun. And 5% The Princess Bride, which isn't too far from normal - especially when 'normal' includes things like Adam Hills impersonating Adam Ant and the Adam Hillsong.

For all the linkspam, though, the real reason I'm posting about Spicks and Specks is that Jason Byrne mentioned Lego - which, as you might expect, immediately made me think of this. And because I've now got the whole 'hot Lego' thing stuck in my head, you might as well too.

Links are safe for work, unless you're a professional Lego thief.


Ah, April. The first used to be so much more fun, but that one was mostly people all over the Internets trying to rickroll one another. This makes it essentially indistinguishable from the thirty-first of March, and the second of April, and the first of May, and the twenty-ninth of February, and...

Still, if the Internets suddenly go quiet on the eighth, we'll know why. Helpfully, you can usually identify the misleading links to Samara's video: they're often linked to as Never Gonna Give You Up.

o/ Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you out
Unless you show all your friends and curse them too
Prob'ly gonna make you cry
Got a week to say goodbye
Gonna climb out of your TV just to kill you

Um... note that I don't actually suggest Samararolling people. I especially don't suggest Samararolling people and then ringing them up imediately after. Wherever you got that idea from, it was most certainly not me.

Links are safe for work unless you're part of the supporting cast in a Western remake of a Japanese movie based on a Japanese novel not Rick Astley, so what more could you possibly want? A charming little clip of Beaker, perhaps?


[ profile] laurenmitchell did this, so I'm going to turn it into a poll meme. Or a meme poll. A meme with a poll, a poll that's a meme, you get the point. So:

[Poll #1164584]

The links in the poll are all safe for work, and come from this Wikipedia article. It lists the Rilmani as true neutral exemplars, and links to a Rilmani article that doesn't even exist. This amuses me far too much - as does the factual accuracy of the Yugoloth article being disputed.

And that, good people of the Interwebs, is about all there is for now. Go forth and... um... do whatever it is you people do.
I... have nothing substantive to post.

Try not to faint.

So, instead, I have memes! Meeeeemes!

Firstly: a testimonial meme of doom. I think we know how this works - you go there, and you post things, and I maybe smile a bit about them or put them in my userinfo or something.

And, secondly, stolen from [ profile] ryttu3k:
  1. Put $MUSIC_PLAYER on random/shuffle/other.
  2. List the titles of the first 25 songs.
  3. Append "in my pants" to each title.
  4. Bold those titles you laugh at.
  1. Temptation Waits In My Pants
  2. In Which We Discover I'm Easily Amused (In My Pants) )
And that's it for now. Substance another day.
From the icon request meme from... last year? The year before? Anyway, the interest icon one. You remember it.

This one is for [ profile] eighthcloud, and combines the interests '24' and 'Legend of Zelda':

And for [ profile] bending_sickle, with Firefly meeting palaeontology:

As always, requested icons belong to their recipients, so it's up to them whether you can use them or not.
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Jan. 21st, 2008 12:35 pm
  1. Comment on this post.
  2. I'll choose six of your icons and kind of o.O at them.
  3. You'll explain what they mean, or why they exist, or why you use them.
  4. If you want to, post your answers and this explanation in your journal so others might play along.

Today's selection of icon!explanations was made by [ profile] kittydesade.

This one comes from Sugarshock! issue 3, which I'll elaborate more on when I get to...

this one, which is also - oddly enough - from Sugarshock!, an online comic written by the Whedon and freely available from Dark Horse Presents, or: the only part of MySpace I'll ever, ever use. It's fun, it's ridiculous, and it's very... Joss? Jossy? Josslike? However you turn the Whedon into an adjective, it's that.

There are, according to some sources, Plans afoot for more Sugarshock! when the Joss has time.

Note that Sugarshock! is properly spelt with the exclamation mark, kind of like SplatterCon!!!

This one was an attempt at making a fun, seasonal icon, which would've originally involved just some kind of Cylon with a hat. The eye-sweepy thing comes free with every Cylon raider (limited numbers! order now!), so the hat-sweepy thing seemed like an amusing follow-on from that.

I may or may not remake it with a centurion at some point.

This one was really just for fun, and was one of the three Serenity gag reel icons that I made (the others being the 'TRAP!' and 'fucking fly' ones). I've been told it looks like Mal goes over to get a new Inara every few seconds; it was entirely accidental, but quite fun.

This one was an idea that I had one day while doing something completely unrelated. And, once that had happened, I just wanted to see if I actually could make it like I wanted within the 40k limit. It took five different attempts - each time I gave up for anywhere from five minutes to an hour, but by the end of the fifth one the icon was made.

And then surprisingly popular - not in an 'I expected people to hate it' sense, but instead a little bit of surprise at the flood of 'OMGICONCANIHAVEITANDUSEITPLEASEPLEASEPRETTYPLEASE'.

And this one was the product of... um, random chance? I think I may have seen something that somehow related to Whitman somewhere, remembered the yawp thing, and then wondered how it'd work for a pirate. And a fo'c'sle can be as good as a roof, so. Icon.
People interested in playing Lexicon:

I've cleaned up [ profile] apathy_games for the most part, so, if you're interested in playing, feel free to wander over and join. The genre at the moment seems to be leaning toward some kind of blend of fantasy, steampunk, new weird, and maybe a couple of other things, but it is subject to change until people are happy with it.

I think we'll probably move most of the planning-type stuff there, too, instead of the current cross-post system we seem to be using.

And if you haven't a clue what this whole Lexicon thing's about, you can find the previous posts here.

Non-Windows people who wanted to do the comment stats meme:

There's a working online version of it here. It won't let you exclude your own comments and doesn't stop at 100, but, on the plus side, you don't have to even think about touching Windows.

Australian flist people who have televisions:

Burn Notice starts at 8:30 9:30 tonight on Ten. Watch it, for it is good. Then, after, make stabby motions at pretend programming executives who make last-minute changes to timeslots.

(Or, if you'd rather not see it on evil commercial TV, find a copy from the Alternative Source™ of your choice and watch it that way, for it is good.)

People reading this post who may or may not fit into any of the above categories:


That is all.
I kind of felt like doing this meme again, mostly because I went and had a look at the last time for no apparent reason.

Additionally, because I can't help myself when faced with a meme, the results table includes the change in ranking from the last time (with previous results adjusted for equal nth) and the number of comments posted since the 15th of January last year.

Note that this is a purely statistical exercise for fun - numbers of comments and positions on the table are for entertainment purposes only, and aren't at all for drama unless you actually don't love me anymore.

Top 100 Commenters behind the cut. )

And there we have it. 16 people moved up one or more places, 7 didn't go anywhere, and there's 21 new entries on the table. 29 people (or, 28 people who still have a LiveJournal) didn't comment at all, and - unsurprisingly - no-one's comment count fell.
I... really haven't been doing much. Except trying to find things to buy, of course, but even that's failed to give me enough to write entries. So, um, something. Maybe I'll even make those ten or so request icons that haven't been done yet; I even have ideas for two of them. Also, I think there was something about dragons.

On the other hand, I feel oddly organised for knowing exactly what my New Year's Day post is going to be. And no, I'm not telling you what it is before then.

Also, there may be mockery of episode 1 of Numb3rs: the Masquerade when I get around to writing it - after all, I have a long list of clichés that were all somehow packed into 40 minutes of TV - but that may take a while yet; both of my drafts have come up as little more than scatterbrained slush, and I'd like it to at least be readable.

So, in the place of actual content (and nicked from everywhere), I have a D&D meme. ) real surprises there. Unless you're surprised, in which case there's only one way to find out. So!

[Poll #1106977]

Coming shortly: a completely different poll about a completely different game.
Stolen from many, many places. So!
  1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?

    Both! (Concurrently, not consecutively.) Also, boxes, hide-and-seek, furniture, and - once or twice - bed linen.

    I have this theory that, since wrapping is there for suspense and excitement and so forth, it should also be as fun as possible - so I'll sometimes add a second layer of paper like some weird game of don't-pass-the-parcel, or put something tiny in a big box and reuse some of those foam thingies they use to pack stuff, or just wrap some perfectly commonplace thing in a way that looks ridiculously lavish.

    I even once modified a gift box and squished a plushie into it so that it popped up when the tape came off the front; that it worked perfectly was about my favourite part of the whole day.

  2. Tree: real or artificial?

    I have a plastic tree that disassembles and goes back in a box for the next year. Plus, no leaf litter.

  3. When do you put up the tree?

    It gets to about December, and I kind of think about it. And then I kind of think about it some more. After a while, I'll feel like putting it up, so I'll go on a zero-tolerance search for bugs in the box, then actually put it together when next I'm feeling a little bored.

    This process usually takes about a week.

  4. When do you take the tree down?

    Mostly, when I can be bothered doing so - unweaving the decorations from it, putting away the lights (in their caltrop-shaped plastic thingies) while trying not to step on them, inevitably stepping on them, lamenting the caltrop-shaped plastic thingies, remembering they look pretty lit up, lamenting the prettiness, then going into Agent Orange mode and defoliating the tree, then, finally, putting it all back away for the next year.

  5. Do you like eggnog?

    I... don't know. TO THE KITCHEN!

    *alchemy ensues. Or, at least, alcohol*

    Hmm. It's kind of like advocaat, just, um, without the flavour.

  6. Favourite gift received as a child:

    Oh. Um... I really don't remember. There's probably a couple, but even then, it's kind of tricky now to remember whether they're xmas!stuff or birthday!stuff.

  7. Do you have a nativity scene set up?

    No, not at all.

    And it's not just that, either; I've been known to re-enact the 'This Land' scene from Firefly using an Einstein and a cow, so it's probably all for the best.

  8. Hardest person to buy for:

    My whole entire family. Seriously. There's not one of us who doesn't already have virtually everything they could conceivably (or even inconceivably!) want.

  9. Easiest person to buy for:



  10. Worst gift ever received:

    See also the 'mid-to-late-December-blurry-memory-thingy'.

  11. Christmas cards:

    Not real ones, for the most part. And by that, I kind of mean for anyone. Not that there's much reason I couldn't; my writing is reasonably pretty, and I have pens and ink and all right here on my desk.

  12. Favourite Christmas movie:

    Hmm. I shall interpret this as 'movie typically watched at Christmas', in which case, The Princess Bride, apart from that one time we watched the entire Star Wars trilogy. And if I had a copy of The Brave Little Toaster, then it'd probably become Christmas day viewing too.

  13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?

    Far, far too late. Most of the delay is in thinking of something to buy, because, well, people who have everything. Would they maybe like a game?

  14. Have you ever "recycled" a Christmas present?

    Actually, no. Recycled, yes - with the big machines and the melting and remaking and all - but never "recycling". After all, if it wasn't good enough for me, then it's not really appropirate for me to give it to someone else. (Even if it would be perfect, because, um, something. Damned sense of ethics.)

  15. Favourite thing to eat at Christmas:

    ...much the same as my favourite things to eat all the rest of the year, funnily enough. My foodstuffs don't really do festive.

  16. Are the tree lights clear, coloured, or both?

    Coloured. Pretty, pretty colours, once you look past the BLOODSTAINED POINTY PLASTIC COVERY THINGIES OF DEATH.

  17. Favourite seasonal song:

    Hmm. I'm forever amused by the rendition of Good King Wenceslas in Love Actually, but somehow I doubt that quite counts. So, instead, have some in Latin!
    Rudolphus, naso rubro,
    naso nitidissimo,
    si umquam eum spectes,
    dicas eum fulgere
  18. Do you travel or stay home for Christmas?

    I don't think I've ever travelled for it.

  19. Can you name Santa's reindeer?

    Alas, no. There's something about dancing and prancing and thunder and lightning, but that's as far as I usually get by myself.

  20. Do you have an angel or a star on top of your tree?

    Interestingly, neither. I used to have a Santa; now I have a plush dog with a hat. It's cute.

  21. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

    Morning. Always the morning, and exclusively the morning, which is - I'm sure - a cruel conspiracy designed to unfairly distress the non-morning people of the world.

  22. Most annoying thing about this time of year:

    Most annoying? Well, let's pick the one that makes me want to hurt people very, very badly indeed.

    <seriousness> The thing that most annoys me about this time of year is people who give pets as presents, pets who'll be abandoned, neglected or worse once their previously-delighted recipients realise they involve actual responsibility.

    Don't. Ever. Seriously, just don't. </seriousness>

  23. Favourite seasonal tradition:

    Hmm. Glühwein, despite the lack of winter. Giving stuff to people. Hoping for a sudden cold snap. Um, lots of other stuff.

  24. Family member you try to stay away from:

    Conveniently, any family members I don't want near me are exactly the same ones who don't want to be near me.

  25. Do you attend any religious services in celebration?

    Not unless, or until, there's some deity of (ant)arctic winds who can repeal summer for the day.

And that's it for the meme. *clicks post*
(and let's just pretend that I'm using this icon:

Pretending? Good.)

Anyway: meme. Yes.
  1. Go to the Wikipedia main page and click 'random article'. This will be your band's name.
  2. Click 'random article' again. This will be your album name.
  3. Click 'random article' fifteen more times, for the tracks on the album.
Because I'm me, I'll also link to the articles and add comments along the way.

Also, from any Wikipedia page you can quickly get a new random article by pressing Alt+Shift+X. Unless you're a Mac user, I suppose, in which case you're on your own I'm told Ctrl+X will work for you instead.


Band name: Trichocentrum

It'll apparently be a small band, though we'll be considered to be among the prettiest of bands, and should be generally well-liked. There'll be some disagreement over just what genre we  play, especially since individual pieces are likely to be highly variable.

Plus, it sounds kind of cool. Yay!

Album Name: Tongue-in-Cheek

That's, um, just about perfect. Whee!

Track List: Hey, look, it's a cut. )
And there we have it: an album. I'm sure it'd sell a copy. Somewhere. Eventually.


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