So, today was my first day of becoming a studenty type again. Whee!

And here are the challenges that faced me today...

We start with the merging of two unrelated concepts. The first is 7:43am, which I've heard of a few times but have seen little actual evidence of. The second is a bus. When you put them together, bad things happen - those bad things being that I'm sleepy and unimpressed for half the morning.

7:30/bus? OTP

Then, we come to my next puzzle for the day: A door that refuses to open. I try pushing on it. I try pulling it toward me. Someone inside has a shot at helping with it, but no dice. So, I find a way around and get inside.

About a minute later, someone else comes along and hey, presto, pulls the door open without any kind of problem.

Problem the third was that these people seem to think tea can be made in a foam cup. I'm fairly sure no further commentary is needed there.

And then things went well. There was an informationy-orientation-thingy, which must've been good because I remember there being lots of Powerpoint slides.

So, yey. Actual learning starts on Monday.


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