From the icon request meme from... last year? The year before? Anyway, the interest icon one. You remember it.

This one is for [ profile] eighthcloud, and combines the interests '24' and 'Legend of Zelda':

And for [ profile] bending_sickle, with Firefly meeting palaeontology:

As always, requested icons belong to their recipients, so it's up to them whether you can use them or not.
But first:

Burn Notice: fun, entertaining, and so very much better than the Ten ad makes it look1. More on this later, probably; this may or may not include icons, but this is me, so icons are pretty much inevitable.

(Plus, twelve episodes of Jeffrey Donovan is about enough to make me feel very, very guilty about not posting in Chaos Theory - kind of like the ancient philosopher Flakesonius (145-93 BCE) who, after vanishing from a play-by-tabula RPG, is then documented as having walked into the Forum Romanum, taken up a chisel, and carved 'I suck' into the nearest column.)

((Tabula rasa - it's Latin for retcon.))

And for those enquiring minds who actually do want to know: bahase is the font in the icon.

In other news:

Twilight Princess is quite fun, except perhaps when your attempts at riding down goblin-looking things are interrupted by door-to-door salesmen.

Phantom Hourglass is quite fun, except when you need to MacGyver Westen something into service as a stylus because you can't remember where you keep your spare ones. ALSO, TWO ZELDA GAMES! SQUEEEE! *flails happily*

Elite Beat Agents is quite fun, except perhaps when you hear one of the songs out in the real world, and the first thing you think is suddenly "Are you READY? 3, 2, 1, GO!"

Summer really isn't fun. Too, too warm, plus my desk is in a corner which, by some mischance, manages to be hotter than the outside air temperature on hot days.

And that's about it; I'm off to melt somewhere.

  1. This is a footnoooooooooooooooote!


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