Does this post have anything to do with text adventures? Honestly, not a thing, but I can't very well start using meaningful subject lines now.

So, I've fixed Deepest Sender, which means that I can post without having to use the horrible 'update journal' page and without having to use anything that won't live in Firefox. Yay me! The unfortunate side effect is that I fixed Deepest Sender today, ie, the day after the pretend zombie invasion.

I have a working LJ client. Now all I need is a gorram time machine to go back to yesterday and (try to) be funny. But no, no fictional zombie invasion for me.

Also: it's really very odd to type <em>me</em>.

In other news, my V:tM - Bloodlines has no downtown map. This saddens me. If someone a copy of la_hub_1.bsp they could upload somewhere, that'd be perfect. One from unofficial patch 3.5 or 3.6 would be even better, but I'd happily settle for a working copy that doesn't make me reinstall the whole game.


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