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GM's Day

Mar. 4th, 2009 08:47 pm
I found about this particular event from [ profile] laurenmitchell, and thought it merited an entry.

So: for anyone on my flist who's ever called for spot checks, rolled dice behind a screen, had a carefully detailed plot ruined by an insane player stunt, made a brilliant on-the-fly plot out of an insane player stunt, said 'no' to a ridiculous character idea, said 'yes' to a ridiculous character idea, rubbed their hands together with glee as the Big Bad rolls brilliantly, put the dice aside and made stuff up wholesale, laid a series of deadly traps, engineered a major conspiracy, imperiled the kingdom, robbed the king, beggared the king, deposed the king, betrayed the king, kidnapped the king, killed the king, or any and all of the above with the queen, princess, prince, duke, duchess, baroness, or baron, built a pile of skulls for a dragon to sleep on, gathered a pile of treasure for a dragon to sleep on, created a megacorporation board for a dragon to sleep on, been loved, loathed, lauded, or laughed at for influencing (or not!) the PCs fortunes, played a thousand and one NPCs, scribbled encounter notes for 2-20 kobolds, scribbled encounter notes for 2-20 shoggoths, or had dice, chips, pencils, erasers, or other improvised missiles thrown at them for a truly diabolical plot twist:

Happy GM's day!

Let us all celebrate by hurting our players' characters in places they didn't even know they could hurt, because secretly? They love it when we're evil.

On a less happy 4th of March note, this day also marks one year since the death of Ernest Gary Gygax.
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Feb. 27th, 2009 02:10 pm
This poll is probably most of interest to paper and dice roleplayers, but everyone should play. I'm curious to see just how many dice it's (a)typical for people to own.

Feel free to link or repost this poll in your own journals (by pasting "<lj-poll-1356329>" into an entry where you'd like it to appear), as more data makes the results betterer.

[Poll #1356329]
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Feb. 5th, 2009 01:26 am
Or, rather, two of the same icon, based on a thought I had earlier.

And I'm pretty sure everyone knows how this whole icon caper works by now. :)
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Apr. 2nd, 2008 11:28 pm

ISP FTW! My Interwebs purveyor has decided to increase the bandwidth limits on most of their ADSL2+ plans, meaning that I suddenly have an extra 10GB of quota and... 5 days to use it in.

So tell me, dear flist: in what universe is it fair for season 2 of Dead Like Me to be downloading faster than season 1? WHY DOES BITTORRENT HATE ME SO?


Spicks and Specks was, er, fun. And 5% The Princess Bride, which isn't too far from normal - especially when 'normal' includes things like Adam Hills impersonating Adam Ant and the Adam Hillsong.

For all the linkspam, though, the real reason I'm posting about Spicks and Specks is that Jason Byrne mentioned Lego - which, as you might expect, immediately made me think of this. And because I've now got the whole 'hot Lego' thing stuck in my head, you might as well too.

Links are safe for work, unless you're a professional Lego thief.


Ah, April. The first used to be so much more fun, but that one was mostly people all over the Internets trying to rickroll one another. This makes it essentially indistinguishable from the thirty-first of March, and the second of April, and the first of May, and the twenty-ninth of February, and...

Still, if the Internets suddenly go quiet on the eighth, we'll know why. Helpfully, you can usually identify the misleading links to Samara's video: they're often linked to as Never Gonna Give You Up.

o/ Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you out
Unless you show all your friends and curse them too
Prob'ly gonna make you cry
Got a week to say goodbye
Gonna climb out of your TV just to kill you

Um... note that I don't actually suggest Samararolling people. I especially don't suggest Samararolling people and then ringing them up imediately after. Wherever you got that idea from, it was most certainly not me.

Links are safe for work unless you're part of the supporting cast in a Western remake of a Japanese movie based on a Japanese novel not Rick Astley, so what more could you possibly want? A charming little clip of Beaker, perhaps?


[ profile] laurenmitchell did this, so I'm going to turn it into a poll meme. Or a meme poll. A meme with a poll, a poll that's a meme, you get the point. So:

[Poll #1164584]

The links in the poll are all safe for work, and come from this Wikipedia article. It lists the Rilmani as true neutral exemplars, and links to a Rilmani article that doesn't even exist. This amuses me far too much - as does the factual accuracy of the Yugoloth article being disputed.

And that, good people of the Interwebs, is about all there is for now. Go forth and... um... do whatever it is you people do.
But first:

Burn Notice: fun, entertaining, and so very much better than the Ten ad makes it look1. More on this later, probably; this may or may not include icons, but this is me, so icons are pretty much inevitable.

(Plus, twelve episodes of Jeffrey Donovan is about enough to make me feel very, very guilty about not posting in Chaos Theory - kind of like the ancient philosopher Flakesonius (145-93 BCE) who, after vanishing from a play-by-tabula RPG, is then documented as having walked into the Forum Romanum, taken up a chisel, and carved 'I suck' into the nearest column.)

((Tabula rasa - it's Latin for retcon.))

And for those enquiring minds who actually do want to know: bahase is the font in the icon.

In other news:

Twilight Princess is quite fun, except perhaps when your attempts at riding down goblin-looking things are interrupted by door-to-door salesmen.

Phantom Hourglass is quite fun, except when you need to MacGyver Westen something into service as a stylus because you can't remember where you keep your spare ones. ALSO, TWO ZELDA GAMES! SQUEEEE! *flails happily*

Elite Beat Agents is quite fun, except perhaps when you hear one of the songs out in the real world, and the first thing you think is suddenly "Are you READY? 3, 2, 1, GO!"

Summer really isn't fun. Too, too warm, plus my desk is in a corner which, by some mischance, manages to be hotter than the outside air temperature on hot days.

And that's about it; I'm off to melt somewhere.

  1. This is a footnoooooooooooooooote!
I... really haven't been doing much. Except trying to find things to buy, of course, but even that's failed to give me enough to write entries. So, um, something. Maybe I'll even make those ten or so request icons that haven't been done yet; I even have ideas for two of them. Also, I think there was something about dragons.

On the other hand, I feel oddly organised for knowing exactly what my New Year's Day post is going to be. And no, I'm not telling you what it is before then.

Also, there may be mockery of episode 1 of Numb3rs: the Masquerade when I get around to writing it - after all, I have a long list of clichés that were all somehow packed into 40 minutes of TV - but that may take a while yet; both of my drafts have come up as little more than scatterbrained slush, and I'd like it to at least be readable.

So, in the place of actual content (and nicked from everywhere), I have a D&D meme. ) real surprises there. Unless you're surprised, in which case there's only one way to find out. So!

[Poll #1106977]

Coming shortly: a completely different poll about a completely different game.
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Aug. 18th, 2007 02:09 am

Could someone maybe explain how I just managed to accidentally sew my scissors onto my dice bag?
First, though - interactive fiction. [ profile] packbat has discovered text adventures, and linked to Inform 7, which is essentially a z-code IDE of sorts. It's kind of reawakened a vague desire I once had to write a text adventure; so far I've just been playing with it, but if I (a) get an idea and (b) lose the feeling that natural-language programming is cheating somehow, then all will be good.


Polls! The shiny poll seems to have the expected result at the moment - that a vast and overwhelming majority of people like shiny things. Of course, the sample is a little bit skewed, but still: shiny!

Usually, in polls I add something to easily watch for new answers. Usually it's a question with one option, but this time there was a scale, so I really didn't need to. Instead, I've been keeping note of when new answers are added by watching the mean in question two. At the moment, it's exactly 80, which is almost annoying in itself because any new answers of 80 (coincidentally the modal score) won't affect it. Rar.

Robots! Apparently, there's a Spidersapien robot. I kind of noticed it when I was buying my (as yet unread) copy of Deathly Hallows, and went back to look thinking 'hey, a robot spider, that's kind of interesting'.

It's not. A robot spider, that is, which made it seem infinitely less interesting. Apparently it's just their normal robot in a Spiderman costume (which is, as it happens, significantly less shiny than the usual faux-metal finish). Grr.

Annoyances! Of a sort. Well, just one. And that annoyance is any sudoku puzzle that has more than one possible solution, because I'll probably think 'where have I gotten it wrong?' instead of 'o hay i can has multipl solutionz.'

(Random thought: if Daleks were superior, surely they'd speak in lolcat. It'd make it easy to gain a  foothold (wheelhold?) on the Interwebs.


I made you a cookie, but I exterminatede it. (Which clearly needs to be an icon. *Starts Photoshop*))

Classes! As of this week, I'll once again be going to learn things on a nearly daily basis. This means two things - one, I'll be learning things, and two, I'll have looooong bus trips twice a day in which to do things like finish writing that post I've been meaning to for Chaos Theory, or to write some kind of requisitioned stories (or asked-for fictions, or entreated narratives, or allegories by behest, or spiel by supplication, or... you get the idea).

Chaos! Was in there. Dear self, stop being lazy, kthxbye. (Which probably seems weird, given I'm unusually LJ-prolific for now THE FORSEEABLE FUTUREZ, but there you have it.) The 'of a sort', in case you missed it, went with 'annoyances'.

And that's all for the moment. I'm not entirely sure why I haven't really felt like reading DH yet; if it were Jim Butcher or K.J. Parker, for example, I wouldn't waste a second before devouring the text, but these things happen.
All is well, really, apart from the whole ennui thing yesterday. So, we have some observations, because I don't really have much to make into an actual post. Plus, it's warm. *melts*

[ profile] inthatcantina, in which I play [ profile] not_a_committee, lives again. And: it's fun. As much crack as ever, including screwing with the whiny jedi's mind. I'm also tempted to recycle a couple of my [ profile] not_a_committee icons for general LJ use. Also, Shonda Rhimes has a lot to answer for. 'Seriously' is starting to find its way into my everyday speech, much like gorram and shiny did with Firefly. Seriously.

I finally got around to fixing the voice post bug in my layout, which was forked from an earlier version of Flexible Squares. I've half a mind to remake this layout by adding my own code into a fresh, up-to-date copy of Flexible Squares: the benefit of this approach is valuable S2 coding practice for when I start coding my own completely new layout. Also, I'm considering changing my web design tag into some more meaningful tags, including things for tricky stuff, HTML, CSS, accessibility, browser issues, things like that.

[ profile] one_bullet_left had a link to an addictive wordgame. Neither she nor I are responsible for the results of clicking on that link, and any new addicts will only have themselves to blame.

Based on desperate TV experimentation last night, cricket is exactly as boring as I remember it. In fact, it'd take some fairly extreme measures to make it interesting. Dinosaurs, maybe.

Somewhere on the Interwebbernets, they recommend playing Trauma Center with a second stylus held in the off hand, for things like poking the buttons for the instruments or for injecting the patient with stuff faster. It works surprisingly well; I can get through the valve replacement in about 58 seconds that way. There's still some time to be saved there, but that can wait.

It looks like there's definitely going to be a game of Nomic happening at some point in the not-too-distant future. I'll make a comm when I have a name for one, and then people can join, and then we can play. This, of course, is good news for those interested in playing. There'll be an announcement when the comm is made.

I went searching for some of my old [ profile] 600seconds posts a couple of days back, and I might as well repost the links here. I found two of them: this one, and this one, and then kept going through another two months of posts but found no more. There's also some Planescape, and that's it up until the end of July. I'll look through the rest of 2005 later; I thought I wrote more than that. Oh well. Also, there's plenty of fandom stuff in the 2005 posts, so [ profile] ryttu3k, Doctor Who/Torchwood fic should be fine.

Also, I think I might be a little bored; while I was searching for my [ profile] 600seconds stuff I absently coloured in an old bus ticket red, and just now I've unpicked a whole t-shirt hem one loose thread at a time. I'm picking apart the material itself now; if I keep going at this rate, it'll devolve into some kind of weird unweaving striptease, with me eventually left naked next to a pile of dissociated threads, a couple of bits of wire and some bits of paper coloured in with a red pen.

And... that's about all I can think of to post for the moment. If nakedness by way of senseless destruction does happen, I'll let you know.
I have an assortment of comms. One got to be reasonably popular, but most of them showed early promise only to die a premature death.

This, apparently, is going to send me to hell.

The reason this happens - in my estimation - is that there's things I'm good at. I'm good at making some stuff up. I'm good at coming up with links between things. I'm good at strange ideas that Just Might Work. I'm good at overcommitting myself. This means that the one thing I have the most limited supply of - ie, me - can't really do all the things I want to be able to do.

And I want for things to work. So, here I'm going to go through those comms, one at a time, and talk about what I think probably needs to happen. So, in no particular order (ie, alphabetically by comm name), here they are:

[ profile] adjectinventive

It's a comm for new words on LJ. NeoLJisms, as it were. It mostly came about as a result of comments in a post by [ profile] lesslikeyou, and then failed to grow into a fun place for posting new LJwords.

I'm undecided as to the fate of this comm. On one hand, I'd like to keep it - if it could grow into a viable comm, it'd be Quite Fun Indeed. On the other hand, it's been about for over a year now, and hasn't done much of anything.

If people are interested in keeping this comm, then I'd like a person or two to make co-maintainer(s) of1, an influx of new members2, and (hopefully) some new posts. Maintainer responsibilities would probably include keeping peace, enforcing rules and keeping things tidy-ish.

[ profile] apathy_books

This comm was based on the idea of a kind of fandom exchange - I would read HP, and other people would read some Garth Nix. Problem is, nowI've read HP up to and including HBP, so the premise of the comm has fallen apart some.


Originally, I'd planned on keeping the comm afterwards as a kind of geographically dislocated asynchronous book group - ie, a comm for people to talk about books they like. I imagine these already exist elsewhere, but the difference is that this one would be mine. Which really just means that it'd be run by a library science student with overblown ideas on information access.

I'd still like to keep this comm, but I'll take the slash-and-burn approach of removing all the existing entries, rewriting the comm info, and adding some kind of standard format for describing the books that keeps me happy without the need to teach everyone to be cataloguers.

Again, a co-maintainer or two would be shiny1 - and the job would probably be one of keeping the peace and helping with (a) entry tags and (b) the community memories. The memories would index entries under the name of the book's author3, while the tags would provide access for author(s), subject4, genre5, series and anything else deemed important for finding related items.

New members would be good, too2, and please don't let me scare you.

[ profile] apathy_games

This was a comm I had high hopes for, and was quite excited about. While I probably did quite poorly from the start - it was my first ever attempt at a journal RPG, my first shot at running a Serenity game, and then it was brutally interrupted by my newfound attempt at schooling - I'd have liked for it to work.

To all those who signed up, I have this to say: Sorry. No, really. Unfortunately, I don't think that game can be saved; not after the eight months it's been left.

I'll start cleaning the comm out in about 48 hours (posts and member list both). If you want to keep bits of the posts there, and it'll take longer than that to do it, please comment here to tell me so that I don't delete it before you get a copy.

[ profile] palmer_kun has suggested a new pulp game, run using Spirit of the Century, a new FATE v3 RPG from Evil Hat. It's utterly fantastic, much like FATE before it, and I think it'd make for a fun game. This game would need two things: a GM6, and some players7. For those not yet familiar with SotC, there's a two-chapter .pdf preview here.

[ profile] comms_anon

Intended as a community for community addicts to share communities they like, it, um, never really happened. I'm open to all suggestions for this one.

[ profile] drama_review

This one sprang out of an AIM conversation with [ profile] nyctanessa, andthen didn't really go anywhere. [ profile] nyctanessa, if you want it, it's all yours. Otherwise, if someone else wants it, you're welcome to it. If no-one wants it, it'll probably be unexisted.


[ profile] metaicons

has been vaguely successful. It's largely self-managing, and doesn't need much in the way of attention - except to prod those who make material fit for [ profile] metaicons go and post it there. All I'm really looking at here is a co-maintainer or two; interested parties would mostly just poke people toward the comm and, um, be there in case something bad ever happens there. Again, 1.

And that's this list pretty much done. There's one comm that didn't make the list and was summarily unexisted, but that was from when I still played NationStates, and that was Quite Some Time Ago. So, now for the footnotes!
  1. If you'd like to put your virtual hand up for this, comment here, and tell me which comm you're interested in doing stuff for.
  2. If you'd like to join, just go and do it. And do feel free to post.
  3. Which is to say, first author, mostly. And by 'mostly', I mean that the memories entry would correspond with main entry in cataloguing except in cases where main entry would be under title, because that would make a silly memories list.
  4. For non-fiction items, because people read those too. This would involve coming up with some kind of scheme for subject tags, which I'd like to keep reasonably simple because it's meant to be a book group, not a catalogue.
  5. For fiction. Tagging makes hybrid genres easier to deal with, too, because you can just add each as a new tag.
  6. If you're interested, comment here. If more than one person is interested, then you can talk it over in the comments and decide who'll do it. I'm not going to do it - my schedule really can't fit the responsibilities of GMing, and I don't want another promising game to die. The eventual GM will get maintainer access to the comm, so that they can actually Do Stuff to make their game work.
  7. Spirit will comfortably take up to about six players, according to the book. Feel free to comment here with expressions of interest, but choice of players will ultimately be up to whoever will be GM.
Would you like an entry? And the answer is, of course you would. Everyone wants an entry. Past poll results have neatly illustrated this.

Current poll results might too, except that I can't actually use a sponsored account. My layout code is a nefarious fork of Flexible Squares from before the spaces for the ads went in.

Which reminds me: I need to fix my background images.

We'll start with slightly horrific news: there was a rather large brawl last night at some youth party thingy somewhere in Sydney. I found that much out while waiting for Battlestar Galactica. Does it make me a bad person that I immediately wanted to describe the incident as panic! at the disco?

On the subject of Battlestar Galactica: to be continued? Again? WHO MAKES THREE-PART EPISODES?!

Some days, on my way to classes, I have to go past a youth hostel. Conservation Volunteers Australia were outside the front of one today, collecting a number of lumpy mattresses from within. It's nice to know that there's habitat preservation projects afoot for the wild backpacker. It's likely that their next step is to work on rehabilitation of cheap-yet-bearable pubs and bars.

Also on the way to class, there's this one air conditioning vent in one of the buildings that sounds like the TARDIS. This gives me much amusement.

And, lastly, there's the pure crack that is [ profile] djcati's Star Wars crack RPG, [ profile] inthecantina. I'll let it speak for itself, except to say that it's much with the fun. Wheee!

And that's about it for now. Expert predictions say I'll post more next entry.
Allo, all. Just a merry little bit of advertising for you.

[ profile] apathy_games has two spaces left (kind of, anyway; more than two and you'll be sharing quarters), preferably for fightin' types. Those taking exception to the thought should likely consider that fightin' types in the Fireflyverse are somewhat more interesting - Zoe and Jayne are far from being two-dimensional nonentities laden with guns and knives.

Secondly, [ profile] crzydemona has a Firefly RP starting up for those who like the 'verse, but maybe not the idea of rules somewhere inside. There's a whole heap of spaces open. These are:
  • Canon:
    • Inara Serra
    • Badger
    • YoSaffBridge
  • Original: (crew on a second ship)
    • Pilot
    • Mechanic
    • Salvage engineer x2
    • Medic
    • Mercenary x2
So, those looking to do some roleplaying in the Fireflyverse have no excuse at all. If you have questions about either, then there's no kind of problem with you asking them here.
Those who've yet to join [ profile] apathy_games (and wanted to play with us) may wish to be doing so soon-ish; I think I've been dragging my <lj-feet> for a bit too long, and should really get on with getting things all organised.

And that's about it really. My day's been fairly uneventful. I woke up at about 12:00, showered, cleaned some, had a nap, watched some tv, ate some food, watched selected Queen songs being beaten to death, borrowed some music from the Internet, and wrote a little bit of stuff on eljay.

[Edit: Also, it's only 3 days until the Big Damn Movie. Squeeee!]
Welcome, one and all, to my Next Entry.

It's come to my attention that a lot of my readership consists of roleplayers, writers, and people who just love having fun. That, and some people have no idea what I talk about with some of the odd or different game systems I may occasionally mention.

So, I thought, what can be done about it? I've wanted to get into some kind of online RP that's likely to happen for a while now, and I've a good mind to introduce certain LJers who design bits and pieces of games to other systems that they can raid for ideas appreciate and enjoy.

[EDIT: Please don't be horrified if you've never heard of any of the four I mention. Have a look at them, if you'd like to, or leave it blank if you're not terribly worried about it. If you want, you can even pick the one with the prettiest name.]

Not just that, but this is also an opportunity for people who've never played before to jump in with no prior knowledge needed - all I'm asking for is an imagination. In fact, chances are it'd be easier for you to learn any of the four I mention below than it would for, say, a D&Der.

And so, here we have a poll! )

The existence of the above poll, by the way, is further evidence that [ profile] lesslikeyou is awesome. *squish!*
Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Score
CategoryYour ScoreAverage
Will kill for XP
Sensitive Roleplaying16.46%
There is no player. There is only.... Zuul.
GM Experience15.22%
Worldbuilder, storyteller... Master.
Systems Knowledge85.31%
Played in a couple of campaigns
Livin' La Vida Dorka49.43%
Has interesting conversations in public
You are 47.28% pure
Average Score: 68.6%


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