Is the cake really delicious and moist? Does three links count as linkspam? What is the sound of one homicidal AI clapping?

None of these questions are answered in these links, but they did quite amuse me - and I think we can all be happy with that.

Still Alive in Mario Paint Composer
Still Alive on Player Piano
Still Alive in 8-Bit
So, to end the drive space debacle, as of yesterday I have my supertransmitting supercable. Hooray!

...but the drive bay is sideways, and my new cable has plugs that kind of stick out. And where it's attached to the drive, it's perfectly aligned with a support thingy for the side panel of the case. Leaving the side panel off forever is always an option (and in summer, with my older machine, I've been known to relieve it of the other side too. But not the top; the top is, unfortunately, structural. Boo.)

So, today's mission OF DOOM was to fix this problem.

In what may be the least extreme casemod ever, my side panel is now down to two-thirds of a support thingy, my new drive is working perfectly, I've finally seen Razor, and as of this afternoon the cake is most certainly not a lie.

And, on the subject of cake and lies: Portal broken-image icons!


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