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Feb. 17th, 2007 12:27 am
So, I just left my LJ client open after posting the [ profile] nomicide vote post, with obvious results - the result being that I somehow managed to lose my LJ client. Rar. But, it's found now. Which, at this point, pretty much goes without saying.

Also, astute readers will notice two 'unused' tags in my sidebar taglist: 'administration' and 'votes', [ profile] nomicide tags both, from where I just tried to post the [ profile] nomicide vote post in my own journal.





The link I was referring to is, of course, this, a girls' choir from Belgium, covering the Divinyls' I Touch Myself. It's... interesting. Which, of course, sent me in search of other work of theirs. Some of it is quite good (Engel and Schrei Nach Liebe, for instance), and some of it is pure WTFness (their covers of Smells Like Teen Spirit or I Think I'm Paranoid, for instance), but it's fun.

A certain application engineered for the rapid decentralised deployment of offsite backups had one of its copies of I Touch Myself curiously filed under the genre 'angelic voices masturbating'. Which, well, yes, but that's not much of a name for a genre. One day, perhaps, we'll see a music shoppe or such with a helpful section labelled 'angelic voices masturbating', but until then, it's not a terribly useful identifier.

And... I think that's about it for this post. Unless, of course, I try to sell you all on [ profile] nomicide again. Go, have a look, and if it seems like it might be fun, you're entirely welcome to join.

And now, that's it for this post. *clicks*
I haven't updated in a few days. Oops.

So! What's newsish in the land of me? Firstly, [ profile] nomicide seems to be plodding along reasonably nicely. Newcomers can join whenever they feel like it, but membership is going to change to moderated in 20 hours or so. Which, effectively, means you can join whenever you want, but if you wait you can make me click a button.

In other news, I've been playing more Trauma Center, and finally getting back to playing my way through the plot. And, well, I hate the Paraskevi, and the Savato annoys me, and the archetype Kyriaki kills patients faster than I can keep them alive. Which is, of course, bad, and makes me wish for the tumours and valve replacements and glass shards from earlier in the game. My EXTREME SURGERY! valve replacement takes just over 40 seconds now.

Which sounds good, until you get people who do the Triti surgeries like this. Le eek.

And because everyone else has one...

Look! A bandwagon. Of love! )
Firstly, for anyone who said they were interested in (or undecided about) playing Nomic, I suggest having a bit of a look at [ profile] nomicide, and joining if you'd like to play.

Next! Actually, wait-


So, my computer seems to have developed an odd chirping noise, kind of like a slightly wobbly fan, or a misplaced cricket. Hooray. I think it's probably the power supply fan, so...

*sprays compressed air*

There we go. Now, on to other entry stuff!

The- right. There it is again.

*sprays air*

Aaaand... no effect. Fine. Have it your way.

*prods fan with screwdriver*

There we go. I win. Me 1, ailing technology 0.

So! Where was I? Oh, right, I was just about to pos- AAARGH!

*prods slightly different spot on fan*


Aaaand... I've lost what I was about to say. Evil fan. Ummm... definitely all gone. Rar.
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Jan. 23rd, 2007 11:40 pm
No, really, that's its name - [ profile] nomicide, as suggested by [ profile] maggiebloome. It's the shiny new comm for the Nomic game. As a special bonus, she gets to start the game on 0 points.

And I'm basically going to reiterate what's been said in the admin post there. Please link people you think might be interested in playing to that post.

The process for joining is, I hope, fairly straightforward: you join the community, then you answer the token poll in the post. Membership is open at the moment; it'll change to moderated when the first proposal goes to vote.

And, um, that's about it for the moment.

Also, I've remade my Lady of Pain icon, because I'm a bit of a Planescape addict. Tony DiTerlizzi's take on the Lady of Pain has always been by far my favourite.

ETA: OH! There was another thing! Is there a layout somewhere that'll do pinned entries on free or plus accounts? I ask, because I'm not really keen on buying a community journal paid time just to hack a feature into a layout layer, and because - as we've all seen from [ profile] opalcat and [ profile] mock_the_stupid - forward-dating entries doesn't actually work in communities. Of course, there's always good old sidebar links.

ETA II: RAAAIIIIN! Squee! Is it maybe bad that my headphones are loud enough that I smelled the rain well before I'd have had any chance of hearing it?

ETA III: And now I remember the other thing that I wanted to mention. They've changed the layout of the icon upload page. I... like it, actually, but I think it might be better with the upload form on the right hand side of the page instead of on the left.
All is well, really, apart from the whole ennui thing yesterday. So, we have some observations, because I don't really have much to make into an actual post. Plus, it's warm. *melts*

[ profile] inthatcantina, in which I play [ profile] not_a_committee, lives again. And: it's fun. As much crack as ever, including screwing with the whiny jedi's mind. I'm also tempted to recycle a couple of my [ profile] not_a_committee icons for general LJ use. Also, Shonda Rhimes has a lot to answer for. 'Seriously' is starting to find its way into my everyday speech, much like gorram and shiny did with Firefly. Seriously.

I finally got around to fixing the voice post bug in my layout, which was forked from an earlier version of Flexible Squares. I've half a mind to remake this layout by adding my own code into a fresh, up-to-date copy of Flexible Squares: the benefit of this approach is valuable S2 coding practice for when I start coding my own completely new layout. Also, I'm considering changing my web design tag into some more meaningful tags, including things for tricky stuff, HTML, CSS, accessibility, browser issues, things like that.

[ profile] one_bullet_left had a link to an addictive wordgame. Neither she nor I are responsible for the results of clicking on that link, and any new addicts will only have themselves to blame.

Based on desperate TV experimentation last night, cricket is exactly as boring as I remember it. In fact, it'd take some fairly extreme measures to make it interesting. Dinosaurs, maybe.

Somewhere on the Interwebbernets, they recommend playing Trauma Center with a second stylus held in the off hand, for things like poking the buttons for the instruments or for injecting the patient with stuff faster. It works surprisingly well; I can get through the valve replacement in about 58 seconds that way. There's still some time to be saved there, but that can wait.

It looks like there's definitely going to be a game of Nomic happening at some point in the not-too-distant future. I'll make a comm when I have a name for one, and then people can join, and then we can play. This, of course, is good news for those interested in playing. There'll be an announcement when the comm is made.

I went searching for some of my old [ profile] 600seconds posts a couple of days back, and I might as well repost the links here. I found two of them: this one, and this one, and then kept going through another two months of posts but found no more. There's also some Planescape, and that's it up until the end of July. I'll look through the rest of 2005 later; I thought I wrote more than that. Oh well. Also, there's plenty of fandom stuff in the 2005 posts, so [ profile] ryttu3k, Doctor Who/Torchwood fic should be fine.

Also, I think I might be a little bored; while I was searching for my [ profile] 600seconds stuff I absently coloured in an old bus ticket red, and just now I've unpicked a whole t-shirt hem one loose thread at a time. I'm picking apart the material itself now; if I keep going at this rate, it'll devolve into some kind of weird unweaving striptease, with me eventually left naked next to a pile of dissociated threads, a couple of bits of wire and some bits of paper coloured in with a red pen.

And... that's about all I can think of to post for the moment. If nakedness by way of senseless destruction does happen, I'll let you know.
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Jan. 20th, 2007 04:04 pm
So, in this post, I called for expressions of interest for playing Nomic on LiveJournal.

Nomic is an interesting game, in that the game is played exclusively by changing its own rules. A turn consists of a player proposing a rule change, and then the players voting on whether to adopt or reject that rule change. Of course, you can even change the rules that are responsible for that. More detail can be found on the creator's website, on Wikipedia, or from

Typically, the rules start from an initial set of 29, which provide enough of a game to be able to start playing. In the post with the poll, [ profile] packbat and I discussed ways to make Nomic work on LJ. And then, yesterday [ profile] packbat posted a draft initial ruleset, which is:

Cut for length )

So, yes. The game demands no special skills or knowledge, and doesn't demand much of a time commitment. So, with a bit more detail:

[Poll #910255]

Feel free to link others to this post and this poll if you think the'd be interested.

Also, the comm will need a name; I'll take suggestions in the comments, if anyone has some to offer.
Hiro is officially on my list of best characters ever. Officially.

I think he may have tele-ported there.

That is all.

Well, ok, it's not all, but that's just because I remembered other stuff.

Firstly, a [ profile] metaquotes post yesterday has made me want to start a game of Nomic.

Secondly, I think it might almost be useful if I added fandom tags to my taglist. It'd likely have things like Buffy, Firefly, Angel, Firefly, BSG, Firefly, and so forth. Oh, and Firefly.

So! A poll.

[Poll #905342]


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