I started reading HP7, and I'm currently somewhere in the vicinity of chapter 7. A thought occured to me, and I decided to make an icon. (Details will be cut soon-ish, because I really can't be the only person who hasn't read HP7 yet.)

And then I checked something on Wikipedia, which apparently can has lolcat article, from which I found out that there exists...

LOLCODE, a programming language written in lolcat. There's even example source, such as a counter that looks like this:
	UP VAR!!1
Weirdly enough, I'm fairly certain that more people would understand that than would understand it in, say, Java.

Strangely, this kind-of reminds me of Inform. (When did I start to think of lolcat as natural language?!) Anyway: I have an idea for a one-room text adventure. Well, more a one-desk text adventure. When I have something actually written, who'd like to test it?

And now, the spoilery part of the entry. Of course. Cut because I'm sure there's one other person out there somewhere who hasn't read HP7. Cut also contains dead pools, offences against the fourth wall, and references to Ronface. )

And that's mercifully it, I think, unless you want a short rant on why it's unfair that they still don't make any Ravenclaw stationery.
First, though - interactive fiction. [livejournal.com profile] packbat has discovered text adventures, and linked to Inform 7, which is essentially a z-code IDE of sorts. It's kind of reawakened a vague desire I once had to write a text adventure; so far I've just been playing with it, but if I (a) get an idea and (b) lose the feeling that natural-language programming is cheating somehow, then all will be good.


Polls! The shiny poll seems to have the expected result at the moment - that a vast and overwhelming majority of people like shiny things. Of course, the sample is a little bit skewed, but still: shiny!

Usually, in polls I add something to easily watch for new answers. Usually it's a question with one option, but this time there was a scale, so I really didn't need to. Instead, I've been keeping note of when new answers are added by watching the mean in question two. At the moment, it's exactly 80, which is almost annoying in itself because any new answers of 80 (coincidentally the modal score) won't affect it. Rar.

Robots! Apparently, there's a Spidersapien robot. I kind of noticed it when I was buying my (as yet unread) copy of Deathly Hallows, and went back to look thinking 'hey, a robot spider, that's kind of interesting'.

It's not. A robot spider, that is, which made it seem infinitely less interesting. Apparently it's just their normal robot in a Spiderman costume (which is, as it happens, significantly less shiny than the usual faux-metal finish). Grr.

Annoyances! Of a sort. Well, just one. And that annoyance is any sudoku puzzle that has more than one possible solution, because I'll probably think 'where have I gotten it wrong?' instead of 'o hay i can has multipl solutionz.'

(Random thought: if Daleks were superior, surely they'd speak in lolcat. It'd make it easy to gain a  foothold (wheelhold?) on the Interwebs.


I made you a cookie, but I exterminatede it. (Which clearly needs to be an icon. *Starts Photoshop*))

Classes! As of this week, I'll once again be going to learn things on a nearly daily basis. This means two things - one, I'll be learning things, and two, I'll have looooong bus trips twice a day in which to do things like finish writing that post I've been meaning to for Chaos Theory, or to write some kind of requisitioned stories (or asked-for fictions, or entreated narratives, or allegories by behest, or spiel by supplication, or... you get the idea).

Chaos! Was in there. Dear self, stop being lazy, kthxbye. (Which probably seems weird, given I'm unusually LJ-prolific for now THE FORSEEABLE FUTUREZ, but there you have it.) The 'of a sort', in case you missed it, went with 'annoyances'.

And that's all for the moment. I'm not entirely sure why I haven't really felt like reading DH yet; if it were Jim Butcher or K.J. Parker, for example, I wouldn't waste a second before devouring the text, but these things happen.


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