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Jan. 20th, 2007 01:25 am
So, hideously evil font makers aside, I now have a Heroes icon.

Which is, of course, a bit of a crossover with Firefly. Yay for audiovisual crack.
So, I've updated the tags on my first 150 entries. Random highlights so far include:
  • The parental types telling me that I had to go to see RotS, with their rationale being that "missing Star Wars is bad for you" : 25/05/05

  • My answers to the Scientology Quiz : 27/06/05

  • The phrase nolite alere trollos - don't feed the trolls - which I may just have to icon at some point : 26/07/05


  • The bubbles-on-nose incident, in which I had an overenthusiastic bubble bath : 07/09/05
So, yay. Fun.

In slightly more current news:

Heroes is steadily eating my brain. Last night I watched episode 7, and I may further indulge in its particular brand of superhero!crack later today. Hiro continues to win the Universe, suitably evil things happen to the characters, and I was rather hoping that a Certain Character (who'll remain tactfully nameless) was, in fact, dead, because she's as boring as a staring contest between a blueberry scone and a banana muffin, but no, it wasn't to be.

With all due respect, of course, to blueberry scones and banana muffins.

I may just have to make icons. Of Heroes, that is, not the scones and muffins.

Also, Trauma Center: Under the Knifecontinues to be frighteningly addictive. I'm up to the third operation on the Secretary of Health, having been caught up in the 'one more operation, one more operation' thing until about 4am. And that, because a little voice somewhere in my head said "hey, you know what'd be fun before bed? Some surgery!"

So, yes. That continues to go well. I have two different icons planned for that already, and there may be more afterward.

Also, I have a plan for a crossover icon which may or may not involve the word Miranda. Ooohh... subtlety. And I haven't forgotten your icon requests, I just haven't come up with much to do for them (or, when inspiration has struck, it's been unworkable).

And... that's about it for the moment. Especially since there's some fictional girders to deal with.
Hiro is officially on my list of best characters ever. Officially.

I think he may have tele-ported there.

That is all.

Well, ok, it's not all, but that's just because I remembered other stuff.

Firstly, a [ profile] metaquotes post yesterday has made me want to start a game of Nomic.

Secondly, I think it might almost be useful if I added fandom tags to my taglist. It'd likely have things like Buffy, Firefly, Angel, Firefly, BSG, Firefly, and so forth. Oh, and Firefly.

So! A poll.

[Poll #905342]


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