Wow. Um. I'm kind of incoherent at the moment, so I shall do this as a poll.

Tick all the tickyboxes that apply to your experience of the final episode.

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So, it's taken me longer than I'd planned on to get around to watching the second-last episode of Battlestar Galactica.

The second half of season 4 has been... well, my summary of episode 11 pretty much sums it up. I imagine that after two hours of Daybreak, part II, speaking will be difficult for some time.

But that bit with Roslin. With Roslin and Adama and Starbuck. A tiny little bit of one scene, that amounts to some walking followed by some standing, should not do that to the viewer. And yet it does, and it's just frakking perfect.

(There is no point. Only flailing.)









(So emote we all.)

Comments may contain spoilers.
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Apr. 5th, 2008 09:53 pm
Things I Would Consider Doing If I Had The Requisite Technology, #3971-B: Finding unsecured wireless networks with networked printers, and sending the lyrics of Never Gonna Give You Up as a print job.

But, now to the post title. Squee! BSG! And Internets fast enough to have it on the same day within a few hours!

But slooooowly, with only one seed for an episode torrent until it was about 99.4% done. I think I'm getting impatient now that I've got faster intertubes. Next week I may have to see if Usenet can get me BSG any faster.

Still! BSG! be frakking continued. Rar. This never bothered me when I got whole seasons at a time, but a whole week? For an episode they filmed last year? Ron Moore obviously hates me.

Even so, after quite so long waiting for a Galactica fix it's an occasion that demands icons. So!

Here be spoilers for... Crossroads part 2, if we're being honest about it. )

And that's essentially all there is for today. These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along.
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Nov. 29th, 2007 04:02 am
...which looks like an astonishingly bad spelling of mimesis, only it's not.

[ profile] lonecow posted a post in which there was a list listing skills she skilfully has that may usefully be of use if ever the zombies gather for a Zombie Apocalypse1.

So! Meme.
  1. Make a list of skills you have for surviving a zombie apocalypse.
  2. Post your list.
And now, the list!
  • Basic skills at stabbityness!
    • May need to be reworked as hackityslashiness, because nothing says "NO! No brains for you!" quite like decapitation.
  • Ever-so-slightly-less-basic skills at shooting stuff with bows!
    • Thwip!
    • ...
    • Thwack!
  • Morale!
    • At the very least, it seems to work well enough here.
    • It may also see me shot/thrown out of the shelter/elected president of the survivors for (carefully) teaching the zombies (from a safe distance) to say "Needs moar brainz. We can has brains? Pls to be brains timez nao."
  • Apocalyptic tactics!
    • Once elected president of the survivors, official edicts would be passed against stupid acts such as:
      • Splitting Up (12483-D)
      • Not Looking Up (48624-F)
      • Pressing Play on Tape Recordings of the Necronomicon (13854-P)
      • Saying "It Could Be Worse" (35497-S), or
      • Teaching Zombies to Speak Lolcat (46578-E)
  • Not-Quite-MacGyverish Resourcefulness!
    • Perfect for that last-resort defense of the apocalyptic acquisitions2 team.
  • Cataloguing of Remaining Human Knowledge!
    • Because, really, there's nothing worse than knowing you've got the perfect book on how to most efficiently turn zombies into scatterings of body parts, only to not know where it is.
  • Booze Manufacturing!
    • Not entirely tested, but still: Distilling! Brewing!
  • Some Sewing!
    • Accidentally stabbing myself with a needle and blessing your garment with blood is just one service I provide.
  • Quick Learning!
    • In a zombie apocalypse, attrition is inevitable. It's best to plan for those with essential skills - explosives manufacture, armouring, weaponsmithing, apocalyptic acquisitions2 and other such life-critical talents to die, often horribly, and become zombies themselves.
    • The ability to quickly gain new skills from others with specialist knowledge is therefore essential for long-term survival.
  • Group Training!
    • What's the point of learning others' skills if you don't then do your level best to stamp them into the brains of new survivors, brains that will hopefully do their level best to not be eaten.
    • Because having your brain eaten by zombies is kind of a silly plan, really.
    • Also, because those classes were compulsory, and I'd like to get some use out of them.
And I think that's it, unless you want silly ideas, like making big glass cylinders, closed at one end, which can be put over a zombie until someone comes along to put them back outside.

Also, yay for the Battlestar Galactica soundtracks. They're things of excellence, rating up there with the Planescape: Torment soundtrack, or the scoring for Firefly... apart from one little thing.

One little thing known as a passacaglia3. Or, rather, one helpfully labelled Passacaglia and four variations thereupon, all of which stick in my head like some distilled, purified incarnation of auditory adhesion.

Plus side, at least now I know I have a weapon I can use against those who earworm for evil.
  1. Oh, yes. Zombie Apocalypse, A. I get a little optimistic sometimes, but never enough to let myself think - even for a moment - that it might be Zombie Apocalypse, The.
  2. See also: Looting.
  3. Firefox spellcheck, mercifully for it, doesn't know what a passacaglia is. Its nearest suggestions are 'massacring' or 'antimacassar'.
So I went searching the Interwebs for a list of euphemisms for insanity. My search is, thus far, unsuccessful, but by way of impulsively following Wikipedia links, I came to the Frack article.

Which mentions that Bill Adama has an Ikea mirror called a 'Fräck'. And, indeed, 9:53 into 33...

Battlestar Galactica screencap showing Fräck mirror from Ikea

It's almost as fun as the scene with Serenity on Caprica.

In conclusion: no closer to what I actually wanted, but vastly more amused.
I couldn't help it with this one; I (vaguely) storyboarded it on the shower screen with a whiteboard marker this morning, and now I've spent the last couple of hours on the drawing and colouring in and animation.

So! Here it is: the felicitous union of BSG and Santa hats (of which I've drawn eleven tonight. 11!) I'd have liked a bit more of the raider to be visible, but Zoic seems to have mostly stayed all "ZOMG only realistic light sources!" for BSG, and getting some actual detail on the raider meant the background turned out less like space and more like a test pattern on crack.

And this one would be another little entry, because in the other window, I'm making a stupidly ambitious xmas icon. I'm not saying any more than that, except that it might involve a Cylon raider.

So, I'm going to post about something I'd like information on.

I want to make a new layout - my own original layout with my own code, if you will - and I want to make it before I get around to buying myself more paid time, because I completely don't want to be writing completely new code and trying to keep my layout working, both at the same time.


This means I'll need to do the coding work Elsewhere, on some EllJay clone or other. The question, then, is this: of the LiveJournal clones, which runs the most up-to-date version of the LiveJournal software? I'd like for my layout to be as up-to-date with LJ features as possible before I'd even consider having it go live here.


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