I have a photo from when I was trying to clean out my cheap water pistol, because, really, glucose syrup - however diluted - isn't meant to go through them.

And so, I have a photo from this process.

I think it's coming out a little bit too red and a little too translucent, but that was because I didn't adjust my colouring for trying to get it through a water pistol. There's other options for making it darker and/or more opaque: there may be experiments with parisian essence, coffee, milk, and whatever else I can think of. Or whatever you, my talented flist, can suggest. (Suggestions may include things like 'no, it looks fine to me' if I'm going a little insane about this)

And, in case you want to rage about the dangers of water pistols, I have a general-consumption icon. Whee!


I'm now enrolled to learn most of what I'll ever need to know to be a library technician. Yay me! *points at icon*

The enrolment session was pure mayhem, and I very nearly missed one of the classes that's pre-requisite for almost anything. So, I got special permission to join the class.

At 9am.

On Monday.

I think that means that I really want that bit of paper. :)

And then, once the two years of that are done, it can also count for a year of credit on a degree in library and information science. Wheee!

Next, I went to a bookstore today, and they had Son of a Witch. So, I bought it. *points at icon*

It's now joined my reading queue.

Next, my copy of Serenisquee arrives in SEVEN DAYS! Wheee! *points at icon*

And, lastly, while at the bookstore, I bought the thing I actually went for. I picked the Australian version over the normal Concise Oxford because... well... it was bigger. And heavier. And ever-so-slightly cheaper. And it's pretty much all from the same database of Oxfordness anyway. So, now I have authoritative definitions for 'bogan', 'Canberra bashing', 'budgie smugglers' and 'esky lid'.

Also, I have a sudden desire to randomly look up words.

Cut for lexicpr0n )

Whee! *points at icon*
Yes, a photopost. With photos! Of dogs, who were washed today and are thus cute and clean and fluffy and photogenic.

Before I start, though, I'll mention that Montie has a bit of an eye complaint and an accidental nose injury, both of which are being treated and healing quite well. So!

Here be pictures. )

And that's it for now; I've had quite a newsless day.
Let's get this over with quickly...

In yesterday's entry, you all seemed very interested in my laundry basket - an object which I find useful, mundane, and generally part of the scenery. Now, seeing as how I'm all nice and considerate (stop laughing!), I've decided to post pictures. And a laundry basket icon, at the suggestion of [livejournal.com profile] princesslaurene.

Cut for basketpr0n. )

So, there. Basketpr0n. I hope you're all happy. :)

In other me-related news, I was out for a bit today. Yay me!

The amusing bit is that in Ye Lokalle Cynnema, they had large movie posters hanging; two for Narnia, one for Ice Age II. The way they had them set up was such that, reading from the left:

1. White Narnia poster; text: "Evil has reigned for 100 years"
2. Ice Age 2 poster; text: " He never thaw it coming"
3. Yellowy Narnia poster; text: "And now the battle for Narnia begins"

So, apparently, their version of Narnia is such that if you go to watch it, you get to see a squirrel chasing an acorn around the feet of the Jesus Lion. Hoo-ray. :D

And that's it for the day.
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Jan. 1st, 2006 05:18 pm
Let's make this pretty clear: the entry is cut for a few photos. )
I've just found the partial backups I had of some of my photos. There's not a lot left, but there's a few of Murphy that're quite cute. I'd like to have shot a few of these differently, but then most of these ones weren't actually shot by me.

Still! Cute, furry, and lovable. And in roughly chronological order. I don't think these need much more explanation.

Cut for Photos )
Puppet!Angel commands you to click the cut )

So, yes. Many smileys. Much fun. :)
An IM conversation with [livejournal.com profile] liadlaith happened to stumble across the idea of pet plushies. Since her file transfers don't like her, the picture - and the explanation - is here for all to see.

This is the story of Chase the Tabby Cat. Chase was found decapitated one afternoon with serious bodily injuries. The head was recovered nearby, and a lack of defensive wounds indicate that much of the damage happened post mortem.

crime scene photo )

Of course, Chase is made out of plush. I'll get that sorted out right now.

The best theory that I could come up with was that Chase had lost his head as my two fluffy terrorist fought over him. That scene isn't staged at all; the dark patches on the ground are water, since Montie tends to dribble a bit when he drinks. Might be something to do with shoving his whole nose in.
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Update 2/2

Jun. 14th, 2005 02:37 am
This is the happier entry. Here we go...

One - new icon. That's it, off to the side. If you don't remember seeing that scene, it's because you didn't; it's from the script of an unmade episode called Dead or Alive. Near as I can tell (having checked with Babelfish and that site that translates the Chinese in Firefly), 混蛋 means 'bastard'.

Two - spider. In my bedroom. For perspective...

I don't deal with bugs. Not at all, not ever, and so on. I had a cockroach improsoned in the hallway under a plastic container that I'd jump over for a week before I had a visitor to throw it out for me. This spider was, by some standards, small-ish - roughly the size of an Australian 20c piece. Those standards are not my standards. For the international audience...
Size comparison behind cut )

Now, many of you wouldn't worry too much about such a creature. That's fine, you're not me. So, I raided my desk and my kitchen cupboard, and took a plastic container with which to trap the offending creature. Step two, as everyone knows, was to slide the paper under and lift the whole plastic-spider-paper assembly off the wall. I then took it to my desk.

Most people would just leave it there. Most people aren't me. No, gentle reader, for I engaged in fearless origami to create the inescapable prison of Arachnatraz. No, really. And then I secured the walls with an old hairtie. The whole lot's sitting on my kitchen bench, with a hastily scribbled warning to make sure I don't get curious about it.
There's even a picture to prove it. )

Three - movie. Parents decided that they wanted to make me take them to Mr and Mrs Smith today, since it's a public holiday and they didn't have much to do. They either think I'm superultralonely these days, or they wanted to justify their leering by taking someone they knew would kinda stare at Angelina anyway. I think it's the latter. It's a fun movie, and well worth the time and money to see.

Four - The Vader!llama!song has hit [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes again. Everyone, I'm sorry. I never meant for it to go that far.

Ok, so that's not convincing anyone. Um, hey! Look! A specially made spider!prison.

Five - Dear malware authors,

please don't think I won't notice the bandwidth use. I'm on dialup. For that matter, even if I missed that, killing the status thingy won't help because I can look at the flashy lights on the modem. Furthermore, when I am using the internet and listening to music I typically have about 30 processes running. When you leave things on my process table, I will notice and promptly shove them off the side of it. Lastly, your powers of having things run on startup are nothing compared to my powers to take away execute permissions. In future, please don't bother.

And that's about it for the moment.
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Jun. 9th, 2005 01:01 am
By semipopular demand, here we have some pictures. There's a few of a $AU2.50 dragon, and one each of my two dogs. With regard to the canines, the white one goes by the name Montie, and the black one is called Murphy. With regard to the plastic dragon, we have a 3/4 shot, a profile shot, one from behind to show the wings and a close-up on the scales.

Cut for your sanity )


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