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See icon.

Apr. 16th, 2009 02:21 am
There are no prizes for guessing what show I've just started watching. :D
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Icon meme

Feb. 5th, 2009 12:49 pm
Kidnapped from [ profile] kittydesade.

  1. How do you feel right now?

  2. What's your favourite pastime?


  3. Do you consider yourself a strange person?

  4. What's your main fandom?

    , or, alternatively,

  5. OTP?

    I don't really have one, or an icon for one. So. Um.

  6. How do you describe yourself?

  7. How do others describe you?

    It's sometimes hard to say. Others! Describe me!

  8. What's your favourite non-default icon to use?

    This changes rather frequently. At the moment:

    , , and

  9. Do you have an icon of your future spouse?

    (i.e.: no.)

  10. Do you have a LOLWUT icon?

    There are, apparently, nuances of LOLWUT.
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Feb. 5th, 2009 01:26 am
Or, rather, two of the same icon, based on a thought I had earlier.

And I'm pretty sure everyone knows how this whole icon caper works by now. :)
Today was the first day of summer. This traditionally means that I get to melt officially in squillion-degree heat, which hasn't happened yet this year, and if the weather stays like it has been then the season might be almost tolerable. Except, of course, the twenty-fifth, which is very nearly required by law to be eleventy billion degrees in the shade. Even the much-publicised Mortiferous Fauna try to find somewhere cool to hide.

(Still, I'd prefer the weather I was promised last week. Hot and cold running storms? Thanks kindly.)

It also traditionally means twenty-three shopping days left until xmas. And so, my second-last icon space is now occupied by this year's seasonal icon. And, plus side, this one took about a day less to make than This Season did.

I also have my 5th of November icon for next year planned plotted, which is a day later than last year. So. Um. We're fine, we're all fine, here, now, thankyou. How are you?
This is the last election icon, and then I stop. (Until January, at least.) So!

Later: Reply comments for guesses on the music!quiz, me realising that we've missed the vote deadline for [ profile] nomicide again, possibly a meme, maybe a bit about the shenanigans in local parliament (including the Great Tie Debacle), and an outside chance of yet another comm. In short: excitement!
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More icons!

Nov. 5th, 2008 10:49 pm
This post is much like it says in the subject line. So!

That is all.
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Open Letter

Nov. 5th, 2008 04:17 pm
Dear United States of America,
(and especially those states coloured blue on the election maps,)


I'm very happy with about fifty sixty-one million of you. Go you! Please find enclosed an appropriate icon.

[ profile] active_apathy
Four hundred and three years ago, on the fifth of November, 1605, a new ſeſsion of Parliament was opened by King James I and VI in the Houſe of Lords, mere hours after the diſcovery, by Thomas Knyvet and a party of armed men, of Guy Fawkes, alias John Johnſon, waiting to ignite gunpowder enough to level the Houſes of Parliament, and alſo thoſe ſtructures within approximately one thouſand yards thereof.

On the ſixth of that ſame month, it was ordered by James I and VI, in ſomewhat meſsy ſcript, that 'if [Fawkes] will not otherwayes confeſse, the gentler tortours are to be firſt uſid unto him, & ſic per gradus ad ima tenditur'1. Fawkes indeed confeſsed on the ninth of November, with ſo little ſtrength as to be almoſt incapable of ſingning his own confeſion. Over the following days, Fawkes' co-conſpirators were alſo diſcovered and impriſoned.

Here, though, the tale is uſed as an excuſe for the making of an icon, and for the overuſe of the long 'ſ' character, a feature of typeſetting at the time and for ſome centuries after, and even now available in ſome modern typefaces.

But, moſtly, it's for the icon thing. After laſt year, it may even be ſeen as ſome kind of emerging tradition, though we ſhould perhaps wait and ſee if ſuch a practice does indeed emerge.

Even ſo:

Even the icon ſeems to have acquired ſomething of a fondneſs for outmoded typeſetting; and ſo ends the entry, alſo without a Kaboom.

- fin. -
  1. "and thenceforth by degrees, unto the ultimate". Which may ſeem an over-the-top kind of tranſlation, but it fits reaſonably well with the tone of the Engliſh in the reſt of James' letter.
So, earlier issues aside (and pretending that I posted this a few days ago), Dr. Horrible + a new season of Spooksgyver Burn Notice* = oh Internets, you spoil me.

Which, of course, means icons. For the Jossness, at least, though there may be Spooksgyver Burn Notice icons in the future. They're cunningly hidden under this cut )

There may or may not be more Horrible icons to come (though, hopefully, not horrible icons) when I come across more inspirations. Which, typically, means spending lots of time doing completely unrelated things and then scribbling down icon ideas before they run away.

And, that's all for now; actual content another day. It's been less than a month between posts this time. What more do you people want? :)

*Season 2, that is, as opposed to the second half of season 1, which is what Ten is pretending is season 2. Hence, Internets.
Early testing has confirmed that playing the Darkworld Theme from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past when walking somewhere is, indeed, as silly as it sounds.

And yet, kind of fun - except for the part where you wish you had a sword to hack at the grass with, to see if money and health fall out1.

Which is precisely what a small group of men in bright orange vests were doing, at any rate. Or, presumably that's what they were doing; puzzlingly, next to their "men at work"2 sign, they had another that read "SLASHING AHEAD", leaving open the possibility that they were actually writing fanfic in the shade of their large yellow machines.

And let's pause here for a moment to picture them having a 'shipping war.

"Those pairings have been on display in your local planning department..."

Next, a link stolen from [ profile] kdsorceress, a game so fiendishly hard you'll be utterly amazed: You Have To Burn The Rope. There's a walkthrough in case you get stuck, and a credits song when you eventually solve all of the puzzles.

Also: I couldn't help but make that icon when I saw that panel of Wednesday's QC comic - and then it took but seconds before it occurred to me that out of context, it looks rather like they're about to do the dance from Thriller.

Mental images indeed.

  1. Health would be especially good, as opposed to my present arrangements - those arrangements being intermittent coughing fits, a veritable pharmacopeia arrayed on one of the shelves of my desk, and sinuses that could do with a "NO VACANCY" sign. Grrr, *coughcoughcoughittycough*, argh.
  2. Not to be confused with Men at Work. Or, for that matter, Men Without Hats3.
  3. It is entirely possible that 2 was just an excuse to link to the Safety Dance - for which I hadn't previously seen the film clip. It's... kind of odd, really, but at least avoids other potential pitfalls of filmclippery4.
  4. Like, say, a short, jocular dance from Peter Garrett - who moves about in much the same way when speaking in Parliament.5
  6. ...much like always, really.
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Apr. 5th, 2008 09:53 pm
Things I Would Consider Doing If I Had The Requisite Technology, #3971-B: Finding unsecured wireless networks with networked printers, and sending the lyrics of Never Gonna Give You Up as a print job.

But, now to the post title. Squee! BSG! And Internets fast enough to have it on the same day within a few hours!

But slooooowly, with only one seed for an episode torrent until it was about 99.4% done. I think I'm getting impatient now that I've got faster intertubes. Next week I may have to see if Usenet can get me BSG any faster.

Still! BSG! be frakking continued. Rar. This never bothered me when I got whole seasons at a time, but a whole week? For an episode they filmed last year? Ron Moore obviously hates me.

Even so, after quite so long waiting for a Galactica fix it's an occasion that demands icons. So!

Here be spoilers for... Crossroads part 2, if we're being honest about it. )

And that's essentially all there is for today. These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along.
You may remember the Portal broken image icons-

but I can't offhand remember if I mentioned at the time that I planned to make more of them, because I did.

So, when the new nibs for my tablet pen arrived today, it seemed like an opportune moment to do something about it. Note that the total size of all the icons in this entry is a staggering 33KB, so the cut is safe for everyone.

11 icons! 33k of .png images! People with dialup may want to CLICK ANYWAY, unless they have better plans for those six seconds. )

That last one was about when the ideas ran out, leaving the HP house crests I prepared earlier to sit there mockingly. Still, icons! Yay!
So, there was a moment of madness, and then a few more moments of Photoshop, and now there's an icon. Whee!
So, to end the drive space debacle, as of yesterday I have my supertransmitting supercable. Hooray!

...but the drive bay is sideways, and my new cable has plugs that kind of stick out. And where it's attached to the drive, it's perfectly aligned with a support thingy for the side panel of the case. Leaving the side panel off forever is always an option (and in summer, with my older machine, I've been known to relieve it of the other side too. But not the top; the top is, unfortunately, structural. Boo.)

So, today's mission OF DOOM was to fix this problem.

In what may be the least extreme casemod ever, my side panel is now down to two-thirds of a support thingy, my new drive is working perfectly, I've finally seen Razor, and as of this afternoon the cake is most certainly not a lie.

And, on the subject of cake and lies: Portal broken-image icons!

From the icon request meme from... last year? The year before? Anyway, the interest icon one. You remember it.

This one is for [ profile] eighthcloud, and combines the interests '24' and 'Legend of Zelda':

And for [ profile] bending_sickle, with Firefly meeting palaeontology:

As always, requested icons belong to their recipients, so it's up to them whether you can use them or not.
In a previous post, there's been a couple of requests from people for me to write some electiony stuff about the US election (which, for those who haven't been paying attention, is a little vote that's supposed to be happening on Melbourne Cup Day this year in a teensy tiny tin-pot democracy a little south of Canada).

This would, I imagine, follow a style kind of like my previous election coverage, though different in a way that fits the complexities of a much larger country using a far simpler voting system requiring a vastly more complicated range of supposedly-simpler voting apparatus to fill out much more complicated ballots that then use a simpler method to tally votes for a more complicated range of plebiscites and public offices.

(I promise that if this happens, it'll be less confusing than that previous paragraph.)

And then, as luck would have it, I now have copies of pretty much all of Freakazoid! - the title sequence of which gives me two possible icons to use if I do embark on this whole election-post caper, and - by extension - another Important Decision about which I absolutely must seek the opinions of LiveJournal.

So, what I need now is a poll. A poll that looks kind of like this:

[Poll #1125497]
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Jan. 21st, 2008 12:35 pm
  1. Comment on this post.
  2. I'll choose six of your icons and kind of o.O at them.
  3. You'll explain what they mean, or why they exist, or why you use them.
  4. If you want to, post your answers and this explanation in your journal so others might play along.

Today's selection of icon!explanations was made by [ profile] kittydesade.

This one comes from Sugarshock! issue 3, which I'll elaborate more on when I get to...

this one, which is also - oddly enough - from Sugarshock!, an online comic written by the Whedon and freely available from Dark Horse Presents, or: the only part of MySpace I'll ever, ever use. It's fun, it's ridiculous, and it's very... Joss? Jossy? Josslike? However you turn the Whedon into an adjective, it's that.

There are, according to some sources, Plans afoot for more Sugarshock! when the Joss has time.

Note that Sugarshock! is properly spelt with the exclamation mark, kind of like SplatterCon!!!

This one was an attempt at making a fun, seasonal icon, which would've originally involved just some kind of Cylon with a hat. The eye-sweepy thing comes free with every Cylon raider (limited numbers! order now!), so the hat-sweepy thing seemed like an amusing follow-on from that.

I may or may not remake it with a centurion at some point.

This one was really just for fun, and was one of the three Serenity gag reel icons that I made (the others being the 'TRAP!' and 'fucking fly' ones). I've been told it looks like Mal goes over to get a new Inara every few seconds; it was entirely accidental, but quite fun.

This one was an idea that I had one day while doing something completely unrelated. And, once that had happened, I just wanted to see if I actually could make it like I wanted within the 40k limit. It took five different attempts - each time I gave up for anywhere from five minutes to an hour, but by the end of the fifth one the icon was made.

And then surprisingly popular - not in an 'I expected people to hate it' sense, but instead a little bit of surprise at the flood of 'OMGICONCANIHAVEITANDUSEITPLEASEPLEASEPRETTYPLEASE'.

And this one was the product of... um, random chance? I think I may have seen something that somehow related to Whitman somewhere, remembered the yawp thing, and then wondered how it'd work for a pirate. And a fo'c'sle can be as good as a roof, so. Icon.
But first:

Burn Notice: fun, entertaining, and so very much better than the Ten ad makes it look1. More on this later, probably; this may or may not include icons, but this is me, so icons are pretty much inevitable.

(Plus, twelve episodes of Jeffrey Donovan is about enough to make me feel very, very guilty about not posting in Chaos Theory - kind of like the ancient philosopher Flakesonius (145-93 BCE) who, after vanishing from a play-by-tabula RPG, is then documented as having walked into the Forum Romanum, taken up a chisel, and carved 'I suck' into the nearest column.)

((Tabula rasa - it's Latin for retcon.))

And for those enquiring minds who actually do want to know: bahase is the font in the icon.

In other news:

Twilight Princess is quite fun, except perhaps when your attempts at riding down goblin-looking things are interrupted by door-to-door salesmen.

Phantom Hourglass is quite fun, except when you need to MacGyver Westen something into service as a stylus because you can't remember where you keep your spare ones. ALSO, TWO ZELDA GAMES! SQUEEEE! *flails happily*

Elite Beat Agents is quite fun, except perhaps when you hear one of the songs out in the real world, and the first thing you think is suddenly "Are you READY? 3, 2, 1, GO!"

Summer really isn't fun. Too, too warm, plus my desk is in a corner which, by some mischance, manages to be hotter than the outside air temperature on hot days.

And that's about it; I'm off to melt somewhere.

  1. This is a footnoooooooooooooooote!
This one seemed like a far easier idea than it turned out to be, mostly for all the hats to be drawn. Still, I think it turned out reasonably well.
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Oct. 12th, 2007 02:05 pm
Blame [ profile] kittydesade (and an atypically unusual AIM conversation) for demanding/encouraging it.


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