After, well, far too long, the entry you've all been waiting for: the quiz!post of DOOM. (May not involve actual doom.) Plus, getting this out of the way means I might start posting actual content again.

No, really.

So, quiz!post. This one has 50 questions, and a maximum of 190 points. No minimum score, though some of the questions are very easy, and I'll be horribly disappointed if some of you don't get some of them.

Comments are screened, because it just works better that way.

Part One - Parts of songs; one point each for artist, title and next line, and a bonus point for all three.
1-20 )
Part Two - First lines; one point each for artist, title, and next line, with a bonus point for all three.
21-35 )
Part Three - Lines with titles in; one point each for artist, title, and next line, and a bonus point for all three.
36-45 )
Part Four - Lost in translation (though somewhat less lost than the last time I used this game); one point for title, one point for artist.
46-50 )

Guess early, guess often. And remember: the winner won't actually get Numfar doing the dance of joy.
Yes, 500 entries. It should've maybe happened more than a year ago, but still! 500! Wheee!

*is somewhat excited*

As far as arbitrary milestones go, this one's quizless. I'm interested to see what you've liked about it. So, I think it'd be fun for you to tell me what your favourite (or favourites) of my entries is (or are). I'm interested to see what it (or they) was (or were) and/or is (or are) that's (or that've) brought and/or kept you here. (And now I'm confused)

(If you'd like to, of course. It's not like I'm going to make people do it.)


500! Yay!
I have something of a tradition of picking arbitrary milestones and posting music quizzes for them, mostly based on picking interesting post numbers and using those.

This is post 464, which was an accident - I wanted it to be post 463, which is the ninetieth prime number, which means... absolutely nothing to anyone, so nearly as I can tell, hence: arbitrary. So, this is an out-of-order post 463.

And it means I don't have to convince myself to wait to do the quiz!meme, so, yay.

This one's fairly straightforward - it's the first lines, and the comments are screened, so guess any you think you might know. I'll add a line every day for the ones that aren't guessed, and keep scores, and eventually they'll all be guessed (or out of lines), and someone will win. Yay!

[Poll #1026399]

Remember that I write poll entries as though they're responses that you'd say to me, even if they're probably nothing close to what you'd actually say. Also, keep in mind that there's sixty songs under the cut.

So! As usual, title and artist (or source, for some), one point for each one you get right.

Cut for length )

And there they all are. Go forth and guess. Again, comments are screened, so guess at anything that looks familiar.

EDIT: Point of interest: the poll title was supposed to be "hey, look, I'm being indecisive!"; the apostrophe broke it.
It's been a while in the making, but here we go: the quizpost for entry number 400. Wheee!

(Long enough, in fact, that the new icon in the subject line is actually this one:

So, there you go. I now return you to your not-really-scheduled post 400-ness)

Cut for quiz )

Aaaaaand... that's it!
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Post 200!

Nov. 30th, 2005 12:10 am
Which means another Arbitrary Milestone, which means another one of these music!quiz thingies.

Which means I needed to pick some kind of theme, which - this time - is questions that fit each of the other four themes.

[Insert generic onomatopoeia of excitement]

Cut for Quiz. Whee! )
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Post 150

Sep. 18th, 2005 02:30 am
Well. 150 posts. It was bound to happen eventually, and means there's now 150 good bits of evidence that I have way too much time on my hands.

Setting a dangerous precedent, I'm using this as an opportunity for a music quiz... of sorts. No prizes for the right answer - be as weird as you want. I want to see exactly how weird a song can get by optionally replacing every second line with a line from another song.

So, click, play, have fun.

[Poll #572309]
Yay! I celebrate! This number is significant, for two reasons. One is because people don't typically think in hexadecimal (if we did, I'd have to wait for entry #226), and the other is that people like the number 100. Even in octal, but I missed 64. So, yes. 100. Rejoice!

In memory of this special occasion, I'm going to do two things. The first will be my fourth ever music!quiz. The second will be my first ever use of tags, which I may just feel the need to add to all my previous posts, if only for my own convenience when looking for entries. But that's not the interesting bit, for I have said music!quiz.

The idea behind this one? Simple, really. In all the other ones, I've had to carefully avoid lines that have the song title in them. Enough!, I says. What we have here is lines snipped from songs, that include the title cunningly replaced with some number of underscores. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me the title and the artist (or where the song's been snipped from).

And now: the Songs! )

Today's LJ headline? Book released. Two ships found safe in sheltered harbour of canon. Some ships tossed about on stormy seas in the teacups of fandom. Other ships report tossing, no storms.

And now I'm off to bed. Play nice.


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