Apr. 4th, 2009

So far, I've come up with two answers to the question "what games, that I have, can I comfortably and effectively play with just one hand?" Those answers are Audiosurf and NetHack, and, well, NetHack has exciting moments where you're down to one charge on the wand of striking, all your arrows are cursed, alphabet soup is closing in from all sides and one hand just won't do.

Well, it would, but it would be less fun.

So, Audiosurf. Which leads me to Things I Knew I Would Regret Doing (...but then did anyway), #2156: playing In a Gadda da Vida on Audiosurf. It's a song that I'm somewhat fond of... and it's also a song that doesn't have solos, so much as sleep breaks scheduled for the other musicians. There is a drum solo where the track becomes nearly vertical and there are so few blocks that you could go and make a cup of coffee without missing anything. I have spent nearly a whole minute of my life waiting for pick scraping to provide some small measure of excitement. If I knew 20 minutes ago what I know now...


I'd probably still do it, actually. There's a certain value to being pro champion of a song that very few other people have the incredible poor judgement to play.

(Plus, it gives you time to draft an LJ entry in your head. And revise it five times!)


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